Trump, Puerto Rico, and the White Man's Burden


He's insulting her and the good citizens of Puerto Rico from his Nu Joyzee golf course/dictator trash palace, no less.
Also worth noting that the Ku Klux Kongress just shoved an additional $80 BILLION up the military's trillion dollar a$$ that they didn't ask for and have no clue how to spend, yet we can't even get troops and ships to the US territory of Puerto Rico to help US citizens.

Your tax dollar$ at work... for white supremacists.
Pfft, apparently the new talking point is that Trump has given excellent and speedy relief to Puerto Rico, but the Puerto Ricans, in their inferiority, have screwed up their own relief and are to blame. Disgraced former ball player Curt Schilling was just shilling that now.
That $80 billion will be for air transportation for the first family.
75% of Puerto Ricans identify as white (from the 2010 census). 90% of Puerto Ricans are descendants of Spain or the Canary Islands.

This is why nobody takes you seriously, Charles. Your ideas are intellectually dishonest. And you're a racist.
So sending aid to Puerto Rico is invoking racist paternalism but we aren't doing enough and we must send more aid to Puerto Rico to help people of color because not doing so would be racist.

This is a weird ass narrative you've got Charles.
@5: are you seriously trying to argue that PRs aren't considered Hispanic/Latin by the majority of mainland Whipeepo? ethnically, they are Mestizo. they speak Spanish. there's a racial slur just for them in NYC. i'm sure you know what it is. you can be damn sure President Dotard does.

i take him more seriously than i take your denials.

You conveniently left out the fact that 99% of the population of Puerto Rico also self-identify as Lantinx, which, while they consider themselves "white" because of their Hispanic roots, would be considered "brown" in the U.S., by virtue of their mixed-race genotype.
I like that the hero of this story is "looking" for people with a bullhorn.

Is that how you look for people? Or is it how you pose for a photo op?
Trump's supporters love his dismissal of Puerto Rico.

Despite @5's comments, Trump's supporters don't know and/or don't care about that, Puerto Rico is Mexican slums in their eyes.

The only thing that would make them happier is if Trump nuked Puerto Rico and then nuked Mexico immediately afterwards. Damn the consequences... 'MURICA FIRST!

Trump is merely a reflection of his racist, "know-nothing" supporters
5 and 6 are know nothings. Their families should be ashamed to associate with them.
@5, 6: I get annoyed when Charles plays the "race card" - but this is not one of those times. This is not hyperbole. Empirical evidence and logic dictates, not to mention today's tweet storm, that 45 is undeniably overtly racist.
geeze, at the rate Trump steps on rakes, cranks like 5 & 6 are in for an exhausting couple of years.
"The title and themes of "The White Man's Burden" ostensibly make the poem about Eurocentric racism and about the belief of the Western world that industrialisation is the way to civilise the Third World." Spain is in Europe and they first colonized P.R. So what are those Spaniards? Brown or White?
@13 exhausting perhaps bit exultant is more apt; they love the field, it's designed for them.
@5,6 and the rest of the Trump supporters don't know the difference between Puerto Rico and Venezuela. These are the people that supported the bombing of Agribah.

See my comment @8 for your answer.
"It's not about race."

--old white proverb
@8,14 & 17

According to the 2015 Race and Hispanic Origin estimate (2011-2015 American Community Survey) published by the US Census Bureau, the data for Puerto Rico was as follows in 2015:[21]

White alone 2,495,997
Black or African American alone 301,519
American Indian and Alaska Native alone 11,775
Asian alone 10,159
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 129
Some Other Race alone 431,443
Two or More Races 332,051
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 3,547,288
White alone, Not Hispanic or Latino 24,900

The United States Census uses the ethnonym Hispanic or Latino to refer to "a person of Dominican, Cuban, Haitian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race."

5, 6, 19: Yes yes, you're very smart and right, like the smartest rightist (I'm sure you'll tell me whether I spell that right, right?) smart people who were ever right.

The rest of us need your help. I'm sure you've already thought of this, but It's pretty clear that Charles is arguing the President isn't doing enough, and that's because he's a racist relying on racist tropes.

So, what do you think of President Trump's response to PR recovery? Are you good satisfied with his response? If so, why?

Do you think the president is *not* racist? If so, what leads you to this conclusion?

Please help us understand your personal threshold of proof for racism existing. Innuendo, calling people vulgar names, marching wth the KKK, running over black people in you car and explaining that you did it because they were black? What is racism to you?

Thank you for sharing your deep personal expertise on both the demographics of the Puerto Rican people and socio-historical context of Puerto Rico's relationship to the United States.

Bonus points: Find and point out all the typos in my response and launch a meta conversation about my approach rather than answering any of the questions above.

Love your pedantic little faces!

"The United States Census uses the ethnonym Hispanic or Latino to refer to "a person of Dominican, Cuban, Haitian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race."

Except that here on the U.S. mainland pretty much all of those designations are considered "brown" by a large segment of the general population, because "white" - as defined by the sort of white people who tend to segregate others by-race - includes only "indo-Europeans", that is, descendants of Indo-Aryan ethnolinguistic groups originating in the Caucasus region of Western Asia (what today would be considered roughly northeastern Ukrane), in order to distinguish them from non-European Caucasians, such as those from the Indian subcontinent and North Africa.
So trump is either racist or incompetent. If you are white and arguing that he's not racist you better hope there is never a natural disaster in your state.

Or as they say in the old country, "The [CENSORED] begin at Calais."
Trump is a racists.
He says racist things, and he holds racist beliefs.
He acts on his racism.
He's more than just a racist, he's also a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and an islamophobe.
He's filled with all kinds of hate and bigotry.
Trump is also extremely stupid.
A lot of the really horrible things he does is because he is extremely stupid.
He also has no compassion for his fellow human beings.

Does it really matter why Trump is doing such a terrible job helping the people of Puerto Rico?
Does it matter if it's racism or xenophobia or tribalism?
Trump is a horrible person that does horrible things for horrible reasons, and this is one of those horrible things.
Honestly, I don't care which horrible reason is causing his horrible response to the situation in Puerto Rico. This is just more proof that he should not be president.

Does Trump think that the people of Puerto Rico are predominantly people of color? Probably, but that would be just one more thing that he's wrong about.

There's one final thing I feel the need to say. I am the parent of two People of Color, and I have experienced racism, including violent racism in my life.
You may be surprised to learn this, but people of color experience adversity for many reasons, not just the color of their skin.

"Except that here on the U.S. mainland pretty much all of those designations are considered "brown" by a large segment of the general population....."

That is definitely true, bit it doesn't change the fact that Puerto Ricans are not, for the most part, people of color.
To be completely honest with you, I don't care what those kind of people (racists) think.
Racist filth that thinks anyone that isn't a W.A.S.P. are beneath contempt, and I don't care in the least what they think about anything.

The problem I had with your comment (8), was the fact that you assumed that the majority of Latino people in the world are of mixed race.
Of course, many of them are, but many of them aren't.
The people of Puerto Rico had the option to choose mixed race on their census forms (about 10% of them did) but the vast majority of them did not.
Personally I would prefer to identify the people of Puerto Rico the way they chose to identify themselves, rather than the way racist here on the mainland choose to identify them.

The fact that you decided to classify the vast majority of Puerto Ricans as "brown people", when they have chosen to identify themselves as white people, seemed extremely privileged of you, in my opinion.

Just because Trump thinks all Puerto Ricans are "brown people" does not make all Puerto Ricans "brown people".

Just to make myself as clear as possible, race is not -scientifically speaking- real.
Ethnicity is real, but the concept of race was created by slaveholders to help create an us-versus-them mentality among poor whites in order to keep them from protesting against the institution of slavery.
Think about it for a moment. How else could rich plantation owners convince poor white people that it was better to enslave Africans then to pay the poor white people to pick their cotton?


Trump is a racist and he's incompetent.

Also, I'm pretty sure most people hope they will never live through a natural disaster.
Wow, good thing we didn't elect Hillary to handle this - let's all pat ourselves on the back for our protest vote. Doesn't a clean soul feel good? (/s)
@9 Absent electricity, that is often how you try to reach people who may be indoors instead of swimming in sewage-y water. Perhaps you'd expect her to speak really loudly? "Hey, guys, need any help?"