The Morning News: US Begins Process of Doing Nothing About the Deadliest Mass Shooting in Its History, San Juan Lowers Flags for Vegas


Perfect headline Charles. That should be the only headline run by any media outlet.
So right now this is all about whether or not we'll let everyone buy and sell as many gun silencers as they want to anybody they want.

Christopher Dorner killed two people in a car in an apartment complex and nobody noticed because he was using a silencer. Silencers make it harder to know the direction or distance of gunfire. So like when a guy is shooting at you from a building above you, you can't tell where it's coming from.

Silencers reduce sound by 20-30 decibels. They work the same a a car muffler (in UK English, a muffler is a "silencer" even though the English are aware that cars are not "silent"). A Harley with straight pipes is about 100 db. With a muffler (silencer) the same bike is about 80 db. Ever had an unmuffled Harley ride past your house? Your teeth vibrate, your windows rattle. When the guy is two blocks away, you know exactly which way he went and how far away he is. The same bike with a muffler might be a noticeable sound, but it blends into traffic. After that bike has gone by, you aren't going to be able to track that sound much longer.

Silencers reduce the sound of a gunshot by the same proportions, and achieve the same effect.
It's always time for Twits 'n prayers.
Your "Thoughts and prayers" don't mean shit. That's not my opinion its Gods. Isaiah 1:15 "when you spread your hands in prayer, I hide my eyes from you; even when you offer many prayers, I am not listening. Your hands are full of blood."
I've been saying for years that if the media (including you, Charles) stopped giving these assholes the eternal fame they so desperately crave, the mass shootings would stop.

As it is, the killer's only way to ensure the media feteshizes their name is to kill more people than the last guy. Wipe them from history and do not publish their names or likenesses.

Ironically, the anti-gun people would say this is an infringement on their first amendment rights while calling for the repeal of the second from the rooftops.
Americans die, gun stocks surge, the ruling class gets richer. Divide and conquer.
It's like we're some prehistoric society that when faced with a disaster like this won't accept any reasonable and rational approach to solve the problem that lead to the disaster. Instead we just need to pray to our gods (In this case the Tree of Liberty) for mercy as we offer up the blood of our fellow citizens.

But for Trump: got everyone to stop talking about Puerto I right?
@6: Gun stocks surged under Obama, but retreated back under Trump. They surge when there is more of a perceived threat to the second amendment.
For the conservationists who read the Slog, please notice that the SHARE act basically ends the Wilderness Act as we know it. Read the analysis here.
@8, yes, like when someone kills a shit ton of people with guns. but joke's on them because even mass death is not a valid reason for gun control in this country.…
@10: Thanks. That is surprising. I guess investors feel that this might be the straw that broke the camel's back in regard to gun control legislation being passed.
@6 That's what I mean. The more we kill each other the more we play into their hands.
I think you should qualify that "400 people were injured" with a bodily wound. I'm sure that everyone there yesterday was injured mentally and it will stick with them for the rest of their lives.
Also, does anyone else get the feeling that we're in an arms race in this country between the blue cities and the red rurals? When i read that thing about the silencers I couldn't help but think they're gearing up to take the cities by force.
@11, stocks rally, sales spike, every single time. it's like free advertising. it sounds cynical but it's true - for the gun industry / lobby, mass murder is great for business. they have no interest whatsoever in anything changing.
@7, You just offered empirical evidence that the nature of humans does not change
We aquire more knowledge, morel tech, but utilize those things with the same nature.

@14, A good reminder to us all.
@15: Stop being insane. Do you really think a huge percentage of people are just going to become murderers overnight? "Take the cities by force?" Where the hell do people get this crap?

Stop listening to propaganda and go talk to your damn neighbors.
Your friend @8 actually says it.
In any case, this "stop being insane" should apply to this gun0crazy society.

Please talk to your neighbors, though I doubt they have any interest in talking to you.
What do you mean "doing nothing"?!?

There will be thoughts and prayers.
@18: The comment @8 has absolutely nothing to do with what I said. You are obviously a very confused person, but does the idea of rural (I guess) people mobilizing an army to violently subjugate cities really make sense to you?

I mean, how can anyone be this distanced from reality? Seriously, get off the internet and talk to real people. All the propaganda is making you insane.
Perhaps now Michael Bennett can better understand what the Las Vegas police officers were thinking when they responded to what appeared to be an active shooter. Perhaps he can understand that it isn't always about him and maybe next time he'll use some common sense and follow the directions of first responders. I've heard countless interviews with victims from last night who credited Las Vegas police and sheriff deputies for saving their lives. Yes Michael, that's what it's about, saving lives.
@20: In this latest attack, a man from Mesquite (pop. 18,000) attacked hundreds of people in Las Vegas (pop. 600,000).

Is it really so hard to imagine well-armed fanatics from rural areas attacking people in cities when that is precisely what has just happened?
@21, well then maybe they should do a better job at saving lives and spend less time abusing black people.
@22: Did I miss the part where this guy took over Las Vegas and now rules over it? Because that is the incredibly stupid delusion that #15 and #18 seem to be fantasizing about, not just gun violence.

Besides, if you are worried about gun violence in cities, the overwhelming amount of it is perpetrated by city dwellers against other city dwellers. Seems that would be the bigger concern.
These are subhuman mouth breathers from flyover states attending a hill billy hoe down, no? Why does anyone on this board care if a bunch of Trump voters die?

They weren't victims before they were shot, stop pretending like you care.
Has anyone heard whether the shooting happened between sets or when a band was playing?
Theo- you insert lots of poop into what you perceive as what others think,all along attempting to divert the subject.

Wow, @26 finally asked the most important question of all.
@25, It's called empathy. It's the same thing that allows millionaire football players to care about police killing non-millionaires or people who have never had friends or family members killed in a mass shooting to care about gun laws. Caring is a normal human response to tragedy.

Most people are capable of caring about issues or tragic events that don't affect them personally because they have an emotional connection to humanity that transcends politics. I can tell it's a struggle for you.
@24: I think you did miss the part where a gun nut came to town and shot hundreds of innocent people. In your rush to reassure us that there is no crisis relating to violence, guns, or right-wing ideology, you seem not to have appreciated the scale of this tragedy. @25, that goes for you, too.
The most important question is, did he get comp'd for his room?
@29. Is that you pretending? Sounds like your standard virtue signal to me. Try harder.
@32, just trying to explain basic human emotions and the ways people communicate them to each other - or "virtue signaling" if you're so inclined. Here's another tip: generally people don't view it as a character defect to express your concern. But of course if you understood that we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place.
@21 I think bennet's point was that he was tackled and cuffed because he was BLACK - and that's he only reason. Because the cops are programmed to suspect blacks people first, and act on it, and think later ( if at all).
It is a terrible tragedy no matter what their music preference is. It is deeply saddening and whatever the motive was it should never have happened.
@29, Careful you are imposing a moral absolute, rather than post-modern identity values, on all of us. EVERYONE, regardless of their narrative, should value empathy (or any other single-value across tribes and their narratives). They won't let you post here anymore if you suggest that their are absolutes binding on everyone.