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So far, this is what The Washington Post knows about the mass killer Stephen Paddock: He spent a good amount of his retirement time in Las Vegas hotels gambling. He was considered by his family to be a professional gambler. His thing is said to have been video poker. He liked country music and often attended concerts like the one that happened last night. He owned two small planes. He had a hunting license in Alaska. He once worked for defense corporation Lockheed Martin.

Some of his neighbors at his retirement community, which is not far from Las Vegas, say he was normal; others thought he was a little weird. One thought he was just plain nothing: "It was like living next to nothing.... You can at least be grumpy, something. He was just nothing." His brother, who lives in Orlando, Florida, said if anyone told him an asteroid hit Las Vegas, it would mean the same thing to him as saying his brother killed 58 people and injured over 500. Indeed, if that many people were killed and injured by a natural disaster like a hurricane, it would go down in the history books as a major catastrophe. But this was just one man with very powerful weapons. As a witness of the massacre said, the shots just did not stop. They kept going and going and going and going.