Las Vegas Mass Killer Loved Gambling and Country Music


"it was like living next door to nothing".

a flat affect is never a good sign. it could indicate depression, schizophrenia, or sociopathic personalities. these are the kind of things we depend on gun store employees to recognize! how could our gun control system break down like that?
Because we don't have a gun control system.
So wtf?
Not a jihadi. No political motivation.
No hostile work environment.
Normally I might go with cherchez la femme, but in this case his current squeeze doesn't look like the inspiration for a homicidal frenzy. One ex-wife but that was 27 years ago, even crazy men's rights guys don't hold grudges that long.
My guess is that gambling got him so far in a hole he just became untethered. I'm reminded of that teacher just last year who faked that attack in the school shop. He was in a hole big time. Bankruptcy is almost impossible anymore. Completely irrational, desperate people sometimes commit irrational desperate acts.
And sometimes it's like Charles Whitman, who had a brain tumor on his amygdala.

(But other possibilities are more common. I'm placing my bets that he was a bitter man who felt slighted and not getting what was due to him.)
Does anything in the US kill more people than a white guy with a gun(s)?
#5 yes, cars.
Friends, loved ones, and neighbors always regret they didn't see the signs, but a cache of assault weapons and ammunition is the sign.
thanks for eulogizing this jackass, do you intend to do the same for the people he killed outright? how about those who are will pass from wounds they've received in the next few weeks ? Stop talking about what he was into, he lost the right to any form of sympathy the minute he decided people needed to die.