Support The Stranger

I know it’s wild that a bunch of people just died and we’re all in our feelings, but let us never forget several essential items: 1. White men are the most common culprits of domestic terrorism in this country. Full stop. 2. People who murder in this way chose to murder in this way. This “incident” did not happen to them. They happened to other people. 3. People who choose to end their lives as a tool of mass violence do not get to have a public eulogy in which they are memorialized fondly for whatever the fuck they did before they decided to aim indiscriminately into the crowd.

Stephen Paddock may have enjoyed country music, gambling, and chilling in the countryside with his longtime girlfriend, but none of those things have to do with this thing. The only relevant statement of fact here is that he chose to load several firearms, rent out a room, point those firearms through that room’s window into the crowd below, and let ‘em rip. Who gives a fuck which genre of music he listened to? The sound of white privilege is deafening enough.