VIDEO: King County Sheriff John Urquhart Boasts of Handcuffing Kshama Sawant, Tipping Off ICE


We're still on the fence.
Now, if he had waterboarded Sawant.....
Was this when Sawant was protesting a legal eviction and was arrested for breaking the law? Good on Urquhart for doing his job.
how he acts is important, not what he says. i dont care what he says, especially in an election season, to either side. he's acted in ways i approve of so he's got my vote going forward.
That's some pretty deep lying there, on one side or the other. How can I trust anything he says?
Sawant deliberately got herself arrested and this guy's puffing out his chest because he did exactly what she wanted him to do to get her more media coverage of herself? This is why Kshama Sawant is the most important elected official in Seattle. Everyone else is her tool.

Going on about waterboarding her? Clutching your pearls because she BROKE the LAW!? You're her tool too.

If you really hate Sawant so much, take the lead yourselves and sideline her. Do something. Or continue to be her bitch.

I'm totally confused about these people that the Sheriff knows are rapists and murderers but he isn't putting them in jail for rape and murder. Pretty sure those things are enough to get you arrested. Could be there's not enough evidence? Which maybe means they didn't do it? That's what courts are for, right? Am I actually having to explain this to the Sheriff?
"But if I can get them[you] to look at me like I have some reasonable ideas that they can consider, [...] that's necessary to promote the ... ideas that I believe in,"

But which side is being played here?
Well he's a cop. Better take what you can get. Hasn't he overall been refreshingly progressive, compared to say Dave Reichert?

If his opponent is more 'consistent', is she more consistently progressive? Doesn't look like it if she is against safe injection sites.
So, Slog is asserting that folks running for the Office Politiks say one thing when they speak to one group of voters to appease them for votes and dough, and then turn around and say another opposite thing when they speak to another group with opposite views, for votes and dough. This is truly a staggering revelation, and nothing in Politik Amerika even comes close to such a shocking reporting....Slog, boy oh boys, you got the scoops!
If the stranger has a problem with how John Urquhart is running his campaign, why are they taking his money to run political ads for him?

It doesn't really matter to me, I'm not from Seattle, I'm just a little curious.
this is the kind of behavior we expect from our senators and legislators, not our gunmen, but i for one say that that the sherrif is within his rights to say whatever he wants to the public is fantastic. i'm gald he tells tall tales about his actions and policies because that keeps the criminals guessing, on their toes, makes a better breed of criminals, and that's what the county needs right now; it's just like cost- and health-conscious policies like needle exchanges. it keeps us all on our toes and makes us better citiziens and voters too- now hopefully everyone in the county will share in my terror of thinking every gunman is on hair trigger and a minute away from killing the ones they're around; it'll be like we're all good friends. hats to sherrif urquhart, all of them.
@10, the corrupt local Sheriff is about as All Merakin as apple pi
This is typical Urquhart. A two-faced liar who only cares about himself. Vote Mitzi for Sheriff! Here is her website:
@9 actually he's the King County Sheriff, Seattle is just one of the cities in his county...his guys are the ones in Seattle who never near a metro bus when you need one, or harass the wrong people when they are there, or allow petty and violent crimes in and around the King County courthouse day in and day out...or park next to one another near Bellevue square and yak...
@12 thank you, this is the best information in Slog all day,,,,why isn't The Stranger all over this candidate? Maybe Charles could come down from his steely cold thinking chair and interview her; heck you can throw in some 7th century philosopher quotes in there if you want,,,

"Born and raised in King County, Mitzi has served her community for 32 years. She is an experienced, progressive law enforcement leader, having risen to the rank of Major. Mitzi was the first woman to command TAC-30, the King County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, and has served in leadership roles in every division and location in the Sheriff’s Office. As a deputy, she was the first to work with a multi-disciplinary team in King County housing projects. She collaborated with other agencies, community groups and residents to build relationships and trust, promoting public safety.

Mitzi and her wife, Maureen, live in West Seattle. She volunteers on the board of Companis, a local non-profit, and does production work for the Seattle Men’s and Women’s Choruses. "
One of the signs that you've elected a problem is their constant presence in the media, because publicity is a drug. Elected officials get hooked on all the attention, some of them regardless of whether it's good publicity or bad.

You end up with someone who gets off on saying what he or she thinks the public wants to hear, like Urquhart's spin-counter spin gambit here, except he basically admitted he was saying what he thinks both parties want to hear.

Whether that's reason or not to vote for him is up to the residents of King County but I'll say this much, it's certainly business as usual for someone seeking re-election and I am so sick and tired of that, it's hurting America and getting the wrong people elected.
ack or whoosh what an update, blew right past me like king county officer driving, too close or too fast. (some drive normal, thank goodness for outliers). mostly i hope they ask these gunmen if they think blue is a race like they do in new york city.
Urquhart has lied about his chief of staff's polygraph, has wasted $5.5 million in redundant OT payments, wasted over $6.5 million on failed IT programs, has issued deputies ballistic vests that have expired, didn't get concerned about the inventory controls on firearms and ammo until after the Darrion Holiwell scandel erupted:


And he uses intimidation and fear as his management style. If you think this is acceptable behavior than Urquhart is your guy. If you don't then Mitzi is your candidate. I've seen Urquhart up close and he is an embarrassment to law enforcement. I with Mitzi!
I found this most alarming:

"The thing about being a police officer is you, you, society, gives us some very specific responsibilities and authority. We have the responsibility, the authority, to take someone's freedom away, to kick them out of their house, to take their life. And we should use that when we have to, and only when we have to."

I think he overstates his authority, unless we still want our cops to be judge, jury and executioner...