We need more than prayers. We need legislation.
We need more than prayers. We need legislation. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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In Wake of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting, GOP Considers Banning Bump Stocks: Although they have blocked gun control efforts for decades, some Republican congressional representatives are now open to banning bump stocks, the New York Times reports. The devices, which were used by the Las Vegas shooter, can be used to give a semi-automatic rifles nearly the same firing capacity as a fully automatic weapons. California Rep. Dianne Feinstein, backed by two dozen other Democrats, introduced legislation yesterday that would ban bump stocks. "I mean, if not this, what?” she asked during a press conference. “It doesn’t take a weapon away. It just means you can’t convert it into something it’s not meant to be.”

Want to Hear What a Bump Stock Can Do? Listen to this.

One Republican Is Calling for an Outright Ban: Rep. Bill Flores of Texas, who identified as a gun-owner, told The Hill that "there’s no reason" anyone should own bump stocks. "I have no problem from banning myself from owning it," he said.

What About WA Government Officials? Governor Jay Inslee called for banning bump stocks. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell signed on to Rep. Feinstein's bill. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers told KING 5 that her office is "still collecting facts... These devices, commonly known as bump stocks, are relatively new, and it's clear we need more information about this technology, how it works, and who should have access to it."


Seattle's Apartment Boom: Out of the country's 50 largest cities, Seattle has the highest concentration of new apartments. And who is predominantly living in these new units? Millennials, Gene Balk reports for the Seattle Times. "The census data show that 65 percent of apartment units constructed this decade have a resident under the age of 35," he writes. As anyone who has been apartment hunting in the last 10 years knows, many of those units are pricey.

Defense Lawyer Says Seattle City Attorney Committed Prosecutorial Misconduct: Attorney Tim Leary is asking municipal court judges to throw out at least four sex buyer cases, alleging that city attorney Pete Holmes "sabotaged these cases by writing a letter to municipal court judges explaining his policy of not offering diversion to men accused of soliciting sex workers," Sydney reports. Leary claims Holmes' letter is "ex parte" communication, which breaches ethics rules.

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There's a Jewelry Thief on the Eastside: Seven East Asian and East Indian women have reported that their necklaces have been ripped from their throats while they were walking or at bus stops.

"Real-Life Christian Grey" Considers Running for Dave Reichert's Seat: Ughhhhhhhh.