A pretty uncontroversial pick relative to last year.
A pretty uncontroversial pick relative to last year. Ian Gavan / Getty

When I woke to the news that Kazuo Ishiguro won the world's highest literary honor, only one phrase came to mind: "Happy birthday, Kenny Coble."

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To my great shame I haven't read a page of Ishiguro. I haven't even seen the film adaptation of Remains of the Day starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. But so far as I understand, Tacoma writer and King's Books bookseller Kenny Coble has read everything the Japanese-British author has ever written times a million.

So, behold: a thoughtful and touching and funny and rambling and wonderful thread from one of Ishiguro's closest readers:

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If you're in Tacoma, go buy an Ishiguro book from him—or any other kind of book for that matter. He's exactly the person you want to talk to.

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