State Debates Future of Growing Weed at Home


Maybe if home grows became legal SCL could stop charging its customers for not using enough electricity.
#4: fuck off, it's a plant, we dont need the government regulating gardens.
@1 [citation needed]
Other things that need changing in WA cannabis:
- the prohibition on people with prior drug convictions being in the biz. This is just further penalizing those who got caught up in the drug war.
- the blanket prohibition on public consumption. This means that folks who are homeless and tourists effectively have no legal place to consume. And places (such as bars) with designated smoking areas should be permitted to allow cannabis smoking if they wish.
big q here about homegrown mj (weed): will it get you high?
Yeah it works. My gf grows it here in Colorado. It's not as easy as you'd think to grow it though. Yeah, it really does grow like a weed, but to get it to bud properly and concentrate the THC where you want it isn't as easy. I'm sure it gets easier with practice but right now my gf's homegrown pot is ok but somewhat weak. Though that's probably a feature and not a bug for many people.

This is all what my gf said though... I don't like pot so I haven't even tried her homegrown stuff.
@6 "it works" so you are saying it will get you high?
Yes, at least, my girlfriend said it got her high.