Columbia City's Big Dead Raccoon Is Just Like Jesus's Last Supper


one day i'll be so connected and aware of nature and my surroundings i just know it.
Charles Mudede, ladies and gentlemen... Charles Mudede.
Call animal control.
Wonderful, CM. Thank you, Sir.
The best thing about this is that Charles has managed to squeeze two full days of wages out of Tim Keck just by yammering away about a dead thing he found on the sidewalk on his way to work.

This is real Tom Sawyer stuff, stuff that would make even Huck Finn blush.
A few years back some awful animal disemboweled the neighbor's cat in our front yard. I didn't even know about it until another neighbor came and broke the news to me. I went to observe the carnage and was overwhelmed.

I called Mr. Vel-DuRay at work who told me to call animal control. I assumed they wouldn't be in because it was a Sunday, but they came right out and cleaned up the remains of the poor kitty, and came to tell me that they were done. Whatever they are paid, they should double it.

And Our Dear Charles, the great urbanist, should be ashamed of himself. Dead animals in city streets are a haven for disease. Instead of his morbid ramblings, he should have just reported it.
@6 - Yes, I was going to berate Charles over trolling art lovers by conflating his contorted observations with Michelangelo's masterpiece, but your point is more important.
Haters gonna hate. Charles, please never stop this serialized Elegy in a Columbia City Front Yard.

At least until the inspiration decomposes or is removed by Animal Control.