Queen Anne Freemasons To Donate White Nationalist Money to Anti-Hate Organization


Been a proud member of University Lodge 141 since 1993. As a 1/2 Chinese, 1/4 Norwegian and 1/4 Ukrainian, I have never felt prejudiced against at any Lodge that I have had the good fortune to visit. I haven't been to the QA lodge, but it sounds like a wonderful building. It would be a real shame if someone decided to vandalize it over this.
Seattle Black Book Club is currently looking for a venue for a party. Free rental plus a donation would be a great way for the Masons to help
I am not white, I got married at this Lodge two years ago, and every mason I met during the process was wonderful. I saw the original story and was perplexed to say the least. Very happy to see this update.
You still hang out with people who tag buildings?
I was involved with a church group that rented the QA Lodge every month for years. I haven't been there in about 15 years and I still miss it - beautiful building. The QA Masons are a wonderful bunch of guys. No question in my mind that they were just as horrified as the rest of us, if not more so. (Some of them are old enough to have clear memories WWII.)
We always thought it was highly ironic hosting the event there, being how the Mason's had, historically, been such a powerful force for liberalism and materialism all over the western world.
@7 - Now you don't have to worry about that bit of irony anymore and you can find somewhere else to have your nazi worship club. But nobody would've thought you were at the Mason Lodge of all places so in the future, you should totally publicize these things so you can see just how welcome you are in this great state of ours. We'd be happy to show you in great numbers - biglier than your presidents inauguration even! With such white and manly specimens as yourselves, obviously everyone will come flocking to you if they just knew where to show up. :-)
I wonder if Michael Richards/aka Cosmo Kramer has been to this "lodge", being a 33rd degree mason? I'm sure no women are amongst the mason members, as it's for men only. Btw, Albert Pike who wrote the mason's rituals and rites as the leader of freemasons in the 1800's was a confederate general who helped form the KKK. Do your homework.
@3 +1

@10 - Not gonna lie, the Fraternity (like most things run by humans) has done some really shitty things in the past.

That has not been my experience, however.

And, that was before we all became members of the Illuminati, Satanic Church, NWO, Bildebergers, Rothchilds, Jewish plot to take over the world (take your pick!)...right?
Freemasons own the police
LUCIFERIAN communist khazarian fake jew zion Rothschild owns the freemasons along with synogogue of satan (bible) and all but 3 countries of the world
@12 Uh huh. Lemme guess, a member of the Lay Ministry?
Shocked that your handle isn't Phineas, or Nimrod.
Lifeafterhate.org is an organization that helps white supremacists disengage.
That some of your friends first response was "let's tag this place" doesn't clue you in that you are on the wrong side of this culture war?