BuzzFeed: Broadly Editor Asked Milo Yiannopoulos to "Please Mock" Former Stranger Writer Lindy West


Really curious how they got the emails, because it looks like they have Milo's entire inbox. I would not be surprised if he turned them over to Buzzfeed himself. There is nothing in the piece that would harm his reputation; his "liberal" co-conspirators are the only ones who come out looking bad.
Shorter: Website nobody's ever heard of seeks page hits.

Broadly? Never heard of it. Where's it rank on Alexa?

...checks Alexa...

Ok yeah, that's why I've never heard of it.

I've heard of Vice but they've always struck me as sophomoric so I can't say I'm shocked they're promoting a hit piece aimed at tweenage boys.
Broadly is their ladyblog, so having a staff writer seek Milo's help in targeting a popular feminist author is pretty repulsive if not entirely surprising, given Vice's history of walking the line between "edgy irony" and "overt racism and misogyny."
broadly's top story says trans people are hermaphrodites and dumdum mras are somehow off the gong saying "biology is biology" ..vice is a pimple on the face of the otherwise grand and noble grandiose nobility that is american media.
"who frequently writes about fat acceptance"
I have big problems with anyone who supports fat acceptance, given it is dangerous, using the drug denial to continue a very unhealthy lifestyle.

That said, I think it is disgusting to go after Lindy West in this manner as described in the email exchanges. She has gone through enough with some of death threats when she critiqued rape jokes.. There is a way to criticize, and a way to harass people because of their stance..
What does "mocking" Lindy West get you anyway? In 2016?

"It's come to this, men. We've tried everything, and nothing worked. Lindy West is... still. There. Existing. We now have no choice. We must -- hear me out, men -- we must *mock* this West person. Yes! We have to. I know it's distasteful, to be sure. But it has to be done. Once we have soundly mocked that West woman, all our problems are solved."

Pretty sure being a shitty little prick to Lindy West had done been tried. A few times. A few thousand, by 2016. Can't even admire these little guys for any imagination, or skill, at whatever it is they do. Or fail at doing. Defeat feminism for fun and profit, you could call it.
Make fun of someone? Who holds different political beliefs than you? How is this a story? That's 90% of "political journalism" these days.

Was it supposed to be especially repulsive because it was one of your own? How precious.
As shitty as these dicks are for trying to smear Lindy, it's a compliment to her that she scares them enough, is relevant enough, to cause them pain. She'd shoo those idiots away with an absent-minded flick of her finger. Lindy's writing is compelling and thoughtful where Milo & Co's is not. No, I don't always agree with Lindy but I never walk away from reading one of her pieces feeling like I'd just rolled around in Goebbel's feces.
The far left and right media have been driving traffic to each other's sites for years.

They may hate each other, but if you're in the business of selling righteousness, you need a foil. Sending "hot tips" to your "enemies" - as the Broadly editor did with Lindy West - is a widely used new-media strategy to generate controversy and garner attention. Milo publishes a hit-piece on Lindy, maybe the spat goes viral, and the rest of the media milks the controversy for page views.

@blip: I would not be surprised if he turned them over to Buzzfeed himself.

Bingo! It's a giant media circle jerk. We are so fucked.
@11 she was just given a weekly column in the nyt and her book is being adapted for tv
Virtual and insular land wars in the least interesting or meaningful conflict the world has ever known.

@11: I am eagerly awaiting this trend of "I am just going to write solely about me and my feelings" stuff to die out, but I think the culture has gotten so granular and narcissistic that it is going to keep chugging on. It is just all so boring. All these types used up their material years ago and have been writing more or less the exact same article/post/column since then.
@12 her weekly column is still her same terrible writing and since when has getting a book adapted to TV mean you're good at writing? She strings together sentences with the feel of an energetic high schooler who didn't pay attention in writing classes beyond spelling and grammar. She attracts views, she attracts $ - she's still a shit writer. That jackass with the puppets has a Vegas show. Glenn Beck had a Fox News salary. Success does not equal quality.

@13 tell me about it. If Lindsay ever actually got off of her delusion train and decided to be a healthy person she'd be out of a job. Nobody's producing any material that has a shelf life beyond a couple months and in many cases completely wrong ideas are being taken up as truth (i.e. this whole "fat acceptance" business, the ascientific "no biological basis for gender" garbage, etc etc). It worries me in a sense of it becoming the left's version of the right's stupidification by religion.
Lol at all the dudes in this thread dismissing Lindy's writing success as they....provide their genius media criticism in the comment section of a blog. What a bunch of impotent losers. The Trump era personified.
@Theodore Gorath: I am eagerly awaiting this trend of "I am just going to write solely about me and my feelings" stuff to die out

The trend will outlive all of us. It's a billion dollar industry because women of low to middling intelligence LOVE this shit.

It's a lot like men and professional sports.
@14, it seems self-evident to me but i guess you need to have this spelled out. your personal dislike for her work is not universal; there are a number of people who write professionally for esteemed media outlets who appreciate her work enough to give her a job, or several of them as it happens. also the nyt =/= fox news for reasons that should also be obvious, but again my expectations are clearly off the mark here.
@15 crappy wading-pool-depth writing is apolitical