Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson Sues Trump, Again. This Time It's Over Birth Control.


You know, it's beginning to look like "Trump's" strategy is to make rule changes that appeal to his "base" and the pearl-clutching Xtian moralists, regardless of fundamental legality, just to entangle all other groups --and the government-- in myriad lawsuits, keeping them occupied and fruitlessly draining resources....on both sides.
Who or what is defined as the employer entity that asserts these beliefs? If its a human, s/he can be questioned about the assertion. But if a legal fiction, such as a corporation, how can it have bellefs unless it has the same rights, risks, and responsibilities as a human? Assert that the corporation is wholly a person, and make it subject to all laws affecting humans, including criminal statutes, and make it subject to verdicts just as humans are, including the death penalty if found guilty of murder, or incarceration for lesser crimes.
It really only takes one Attorney General to get these lawsuits going, right? The Massachusetts AG already has one started with the ACLU.

Once again, our AG hopes to get on MSNBC as much as he can.
Yeah let’s let some other state protect the rights of Washington women. Massachusetts will take care of it. Probably do a real good job. In fact why does Washington even need an attorney general? If anything important ever comes up, why, I bet there’s gonna be other states who do something about it.

Whenever I find a fly in my soup I just eat it. Some other customer is bound to complain for me.

(Ever notice what fucking parasites conservatives and libertarians are? It’s always about getting free sloppy seconds off the next guy.
I doubt he is a Jesuit, devout or otherwise. Please show us a citation for this fact. I have visited the Vatican, but that does not make me the pope.
here is what I got as number one result on my first search:
Bob Ferguson (politician) - Wikipedia

Robert Watson Ferguson (born February 23, 1965) is an American attorney and politician who ... After graduating from the University of Washington, Ferguson joined Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest and directed an emergency ....
Please, Bob, stick a fork in Twitler's elephant's butt-ugly ass and let's call the pigfucker-in-chief and its Evil Empire stinking up the White House DONE, already!
@4: I believe the litigation is to be adjudicated at the federal level.
I went to a Jesuit boarding school, and have done volunteer work with Jesuit orgs. There were many kids at the school who were not Catholics or Christians. Ferguson could be either.

@8 Strength in numbers. If everyone protests, the creeps who run companies that want to keep women perpetually poor and powerless will be more afraid of doimg so! You must know this, if only the gays protested against Reagan's inhumanity, with no others as allies, we could all be dying of AIDS right now.
Go get 'em Bob is right! Just TODAY he endorsed Durkan for mayor, partially because he knows that she's the one who's going to help us fight back against Trump.

It really only takes one Attorney General to get these lawsuits going, right?

Wrong. Different states may sue for different reasons, and may or may not combine their suits depending on many factors.

Furthermore, Washington State's voters have a very long history of supporting reproductive freedoms and rights. From Referendum 20 in 1970, through Initiative 120 in 1991 and on to today, Washington State's voters have expanded reproductive rights and freedoms at our ball boxes. Why should our AG not reflect our values with his actions?

I believe the litigation is to be adjudicated at the federal level.

That does not mean a suit filed by another state's AG will seek the same relief. You really should know how these things work before you comment on them.

...our AG hopes to get on MSNBC as much as he can.

I hope he gets as much exposure as possible, and that other states' Attorneys General are inspired to similar actions by his example.
@11: Thank you. That's why I asked it as a question, right?
RE: the Jesuit thing.
I fairly certain that you have to actually be an ordained Brother or Father (different # of vows) of the Jesuit order to be an actual Jesuit per se. Otherwise, lay followers who attend Jesuit-led mass are simply Catholic. Similarly, there aren't "Dominican" or "Franciscan" lay people, they are Catholics. Only members of those religious orders themselves are referred to as such.

It's unclear if directing an emergency services office for JVCN requires one to be an ordained Brother or Father. I suspect you can be an ethically-motivated lay person. The Jesuits are open-minded like that.
It should be noted that privately held companies can already be exempted from the mandate due to the decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, and other companies can be exempt from almost all ACA mandates with some simple legal maneuvering (there are about a million loopholes).

The change from the Trump administration would extend this exemption to entities that receive government funding, or charities.

I am unaware of any constitutional right which means that the government has to force employers to pay for contraceptive coverage for women (also the fact that SCOTUS has said there is not), so this would seemingly depend on the pertinent ACA provisions, which are also subject to possible change under the current administration.
@14 - This is why we need universal health care.... so avoid this absolutely inappropriate situation where employers can have any sort of moral opinion about --and the ability to punish you for-- your private life and actions, as relates to healthcare.

What are we? Some sort of authoritari-- oh.
@15: Agreed.

Looking at the current mess, one wonders if the ACA put us closer, or farther from universal healthcare.
I'd like to believe the ACA has moved us closer to universal. Very few people like it just the way it is (the insurance companies maybe?). The democrats still do push for a more medicare-for-all plan while the republicans have learned that anything LESS than the ACA is simply unpalatable to Americans. Even their most staunch supporters don't want it repealed and replaced with less.

Of course, that could easily change over the next six months. Americans are also notorious for changing their minds.
@17: Americans are more notorious for barely having minds to change. Flibberdigibbets like Ken Bone decide our elections.
The Washington State Attorney General is the biggest fool on the west coast. It WILL NOT fly; DOA.