UPDATE: Seattle Police Department detectives and US Marshals arrested two people in connection with this incident, according to the department blotter. The arrestees are a 20-year-old man and 46-year-old woman. The department did not provide any other information.

The Seattle Police Department released video and audio from Sunday's police shooting of a black Subaru in an Eastlake alley. The release includes one dash cam video, four body camera videos, as well as audio from a dispatcher and the 911 call of a "suspicious vehicle" that brought police to the scene.

Police also released the names of the two officers, Kenneth Martin and Tabitha Sexton, who fired multiple rounds at the vehicle. The release came alongside a statement that said there is no sign that any of the car's passengers were injured during the shooting. In the 911 audio, a caller tells a dispatcher he may have seen one of the passengers carry a pistol, though he says the item could've been a cellphone or another handheld device.

Here are all four videos:

In dash cam video, a police car can be seen pulling into the alley. Four officers exit their vehicles and announce themselves as Seattle Police. As they rush toward a black Subaru, the vehicle in question, one of the officers can be heard saying, "pull the car" twice.

At around the same time, a person can be seen standing in front of the open hood of the Subaru. The person moves out of view for a second before closing the hood and running back into the vehicle. At this point, one of the officers moves in front of the car with his gun pointed at its windshield. The car drives forward towards the officer, who places a hand on the vehicle as it continues driving forward.

Two officers fire several shots at the vehicle. After the car runs into a brick apartment building, officers can be heard saying “get on the ground” several times. The car backs up slightly and the officers fire another volley of shots as it drives away.

(The video contradicts an initial statement from Seattle police spokesperson Patrick Michaud to reporters that the vehicle backed into officers, rather than driving forward toward one officer.)

The four body cam videos show the same version of events. In the fourth clip, a bystander can be seen walking near the Subaru. An officer tells him, "Sir, get out of the way." Someone can be heard screaming in the background of all four videos.

In the 911 audio, the caller says he sees a car parked "in a space where it doesn't belong" with two white males smoking out of a glass pipe. He also says he believes he saw one of the passengers "loading and unloading a .38." He said he saw a third passenger run away from the car and come back. At first, he describes the third passenger as a white male, but later determines that the passenger is female.

Later in the audio, which lasts more than 13 minutes, the dispatcher asks the caller again if he still sees the item he believed to be a gun.

“No, I haven’t seen it in like, fifteen minutes.”

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“And you’re not absolutely certain that’s what it is, correct?”

“Yes, it could’ve been a phone or something that they’re playing with. It was just sorta one of those hand motions."

Police found the black Subaru yesterday in North Seattle, but have not located any of its passengers.

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