ITMFA Donates Another $100,000 to ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and IRAP


You're the best, Dan, Love you to pieces! Muwah!
Great work. Two suggestions.

1. Add a charity that fights HIV/AIDS to your next round.

2. Get yourself on 99 designs (or twitter) and source up some new artwork. Everyone who bough 1 ITMFA hat or pin will want the next iteration, and what a great way to keep the the project going, raise more money, attract supporters, and spotlight awesome resistance designers.
Yes, I'm shallow. Who is the cutie in the red cap? I'd like him to deliver my order, please.
I'd love to see ITMFA shirts in women's cuts.
Yes, georgeous armpit. Congratulations.
Just dropping in to say again that while I think the focus on impeachment is wrongheaded (it's not Trump, it's the entire GOP and the system that allowed him to get where he is)- I think it's fucking awesome that Dan is raising money for these groups. Also yes that guy is really hot. That smile, those eyes, those arm muscles...