The Guitar Tech for The War On Drugs Is Awesome


Great story! Thanks.
It's a good afternoon.
You seem to be PROUD that you're a rock writer who doesn't know ANYTHING about musical instruments. (Can you imagine a sports writer who didn't know about the gear?) You must know SOMEBODY who plays guitar; they don't even have to be a pro. Ask them for an intro.
I've tried to enjoy TWOD, but I just could never find the gap where one song stops and the other starts. Good to see it's not just me. Thanks for this honest review.
What a vapid empty critique? column? What exactly is the point ? Empty Drivel.
Wow... a white crowd at an indie rock show. Who woulda' thunk it? Very insightful observation there.
War on Drugs songs are akin to bebop. They sound similar but each song has its own moment of spice and flavor unlike any other. It requires a different form of listening and should you learn how, you will be rewarded.