In his last major interview, former mayor Ed Murray said he would "end up somewhere on the West Coast, out of town" after resigning from office.

Apparently, he's changed his mind.

Murray made an appearance at a press conference today, claiming he was there as a "private citizen," KIRO and KOMO report. The press conference was held outside KEXP for now-Mayor Tim Burgess to sign legislation upzoning areas of Uptown and creating the new "Uptown Arts & Culture Coalition" to "advocate for arts and artists in Uptown." The city's ongoing upzones, which include requirements for affordable housing, began during Murray's administration.

Murray resigned last month after five men, including his cousin, accused him of sexually abusing them when they were teenagers in the 1970s and '80s. Murray repeatedly denied the allegations and attacked his accusers' credibility.

Murray's resignation was a moment of relief for survivors of sexual abuse in Seattle, a sign that he and the allegations may finally be out of the constant news cycle. It doesn't look like Murray got that memo. KIRO says they'll be airing an interview with him tonight. I'll be busy putting my head in a blender instead.