Ed Murray Was at a City Press Conference Today


I'm fine with you putting your head in a blender, Heidi, but please make sure it's unplugged first.
The gall.
Have any charges been filed against Murray yet? Will they ever? Is there even enough evidence for one of his claimants to pursue a lawsuit?
What do you want him to do, move into a cabin in the Alaskan woods until he croaks? I'll grudgingly accept the fact that public officials will never be innocent until proven guilty and their careers will be subject to the court of public opinion. He resigned. The mob got what they wanted. Now he's a private citizen who should be allowed to appear in public spaces without being harassed or shit-talked in your blog. If he's ever convicted in a criminal or civil court then yeah, throw him in prison and put him on the sex offender registry. Until then, if you believe in the rule of law, extend him the same human rights we all expect for ourselves.
@5: You're right. And I assume you have disposition no matter where the accused fall on the political spectrum.
What a prick.
He just can't stand being out of the game.
I find it fascinating that he's wearing a hat/cap. I've never seen him wearing one.
All I can think is filthy pervert. He has no business showing his creepy pervy disgusting face anywhere, much less in Seattle. Child molesting sick perverts don’t get the same human rights as the rest of us. They are the bottom of the food chain.
I'm a little confused about the head blender comment.

If you want to protect the public from more Ed stories, don't report on him. There's no story here and private citizens have a right to live.

I most certainly understand how past stories can upset survivors of sexual abuse. They are upsetting stories. But they were written in the most salacious way possible by the Seattle Times. Ed can't control that. He hasn't been convicted or tried anywhere than court of public opinion. This is kind of just bullying.