Reflection of HQ1...
Reflection of HQ1... Charles Mudede

Adam Sedo, Amazon spokesperson, informed me that all is not over for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in its search for HQ2. This is in contradiction to the feeling the city and region got from comments made yesterday by Amazon executive at Jeff Wilke at the Geekwire Summit. “Not everybody wants to live in the Northwest,” Wilke said. “It’s been terrific for me and my family, but I think we may find another location allows us to recruit a different collection of employees.” That sounded like game over, man, game over.

But this is what Adam Sedo stated to me, on behalf of Amazon:

We will give serious consideration to every HQ2 proposal we receive from across North America, including from communities across the Pacific Northwest.

Will this statement make Seattle feel better? No. It will only make the city crazier. It has been thrown back into the madness it was pulled out of only yesterday. Knowing it had no chance, meant it could give up and try to something else with its nervous hands. But it's not over! Amazon has said so. And besides, what does it mean for HQ1 to also want to become HQ2? Doesn't that sound weird? And if it sounds weird, isn't it? Game over, Seattle.