Amazon Spokesperson to Seattle: You and PNW Still Has a Chance In Race for HQ2


The Stranger seems to be feeling a little guilty for all the anti-Amazon posts...
Who actually wants this? Wouldn't it be cheaper for Amazon, and everyone else in Seattle, for them to set up elsewhere?

And Amazon, can you keep the company-speak in external releases to a minimum? This "HQ2" stuff just sounds, at best, disconnected.
@1 Huh, I think they sound relieved.
They can go to hell.
@4, indeed.
That's called trolling at a corporate level.
You and the PNW still has a chance? Two subjects requires HAVE, Seattle and the PNW HAVE a chance (for the continued destruction of your city). Amazon is one of the biggest corporate welfare queens out there AND THEY ARE BEING SUED FOR NOT PAYING TAXES IN OTHER COUNTRIES. They have nearly 100% turnover, with the average employee lasting, what, 9 months? Meanwhile the Stranger needs an editor. Writing your headlines to mimic cat meme web sites is not cute.
That's just PR speak. It won't be near here. Much of the reason for it, I am quite confident, is to be able to hire people who don't want to head to the NW corner. I'm a dubious that Denver is even far enough south and/or east. IMO it either goes far enough east to be a quick flight for east coast natives, or far enough south to be a quick flight for southern natives and warmer.
Does anyone in Seattle actually want more Amazon employees here? Also, the company is famous for treating its workers like shit (I was briefly one of them.) Fuck Amazon.
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Yeah, I think we can pass on this one. The Amazon HQ we have is already causing enough problems.