The Morning News: Lummi Nation Offered Money to Shut Up About Fish Farms, State Lottery Director Calls Women "Criers"


when those poachers were arrested, they had public FB profiles. it was exactly what you'd expect.
I'm starting to think Donald Trump isn't a very good president
Cra-a-a-zy, Toys in the attic, he is cra-a-a-zy...

Seriously though, reporters need to look behind the smokescreen of Turnip's latest outrageous tweet. He is leading the media around by the nose. Use his tweets as a platform to reveal the nefarious shit going on behind his toothless bluster... PLEASE!
Lummis--stand your ground against the evil Cooke aqua-nutheads!

@3 treacle: I agree. *sigh* TEAR-DOWN-THE-WALL! TEAR-DOWN-THE-WALL! TEAR-DOWN-THE-WALL! This is largely why I avoid Twitter altogether.
He was caught red-handed showing feelings
Showing feelings of an almost.. human nature