Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up


I got the impression that DICKPICS and his wife are already having a "mono-poly" relationship (He has two partners, his wife has only him). I think that is the problem for her.
Re the girl who wanted to wear a suit to her first communion. First off - YEA for her parents!

Second - I was in a Catholic school for 1st and 2nd grade. For picture day, I wore the pantsuit that my parents had gotten me for Christmas. The nuns initially weren't happy, but when I said my mom had said it was ok, they quieted down. Yea for my mom!

Third - on a plane ride this week, the women behind me were talking louder than I'd prefer. One of the topics was the daughter of one of them; in a private school, the daughter always wore uniform shorts instead of skirt, although apparently the mom forced her to wear a skirt one day a week (the girl chose Wed, the shortest school day). The mom was so happy though because lately the daughter has started wearing skirts more often because "all her friends are doing it" and she's feeling the peer pressure. The mom was HAPPY about this. I felt so sorry for that teenager. I would have said something but it wouldn't have made a difference. I hope the girl finds better support from other adults in her life.