Fire-Traumatized Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions Soothed Minds at the Neptune Last Night


Wow -- this show was a disaster. She seemed a bit irritated about the low levels or perhaps feedback in her monitor, repeatedly giving instructions to the sound guy just off stage. I counted 5 songs until she had a brief conversation with the sound guy in the wing before seemingly getting fed up, taking off her monitor, and as Dave said, left the stage for nearly an hour!

When she finally came back on stage, she seemed to have blamed a run-in with someone earlier in the day that had thrown her off? That's on top of the wildfire and sound team excuses provided by Colm.

On top of this, she appeared to not know some of her own songs, requiring what seemed to be a tablet (with lyrics?) for assistance that was propped up on a music stand, blocking her face to the entire right side of the performance space. And then she completely lost her place in the final song, Antiquity. Colm's incredible drumming saved the end, but she did her best to sabotage things with some clumsy harmonica playing and looking around to the rest of the band for cues on when to come back in (they were too busy playing to notice her looking around for help).