Poor Response to Puerto Rico Shows Racism Is Not About Exploiting POCs but White Americans


Look to Flint, too. Flint's water is still poison.
Good Afternoon Charles,
I read your piece and you may have a point. The thing about Puerto Rico and Hurricane Irma is that the latter couldn't have hit the former at a worse time. Clearly, it is the worst natural disaster that that US Territory has ever experienced. No doubt, our fellow citizens down there deserve our assistance.

But Irma arriving at a time when PR has a massive debt was just awful. I can't get over the most unfortunate timing of the arrival of Irma. Wow. Just a terrible coincidence.

Stay strong Puerto Rico.
It's worth noting that in addition to the annual budget deficit of $693 BILLION as of June 2017 that will be piled onto the national debt of $20 TRILLION--plus the hundreds of billions needed to rebuild south Texas, the gulf shores, Florida, and Puerto Rico--Congress's most desperate priority is giving massive tax cuts to billionaires.

Psychopathic racism, insatiable greed, and malicious stupidity have destroyed this country.
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go,
Mining, mining, mining... the middle class!
But we'll mine-- the brown folks first!
If the white folks look, to those who we're gunnin'
They'll never see, it's them for whom we're comin'!
Hi ho - hi ho - hi ho!
--Trump-White & The Seven Rentiers
@2 The reason they have that debt is horrible colonial exploitation which is rooted in a racist "we're doing them a favor" outlook. That a hurricane while we'd been doing this to them and the rest of the Caribbean since before the inception of the US doesn't make for much of a coincidence at all.