Weinstein's Contract Reportedly Allowed for Him to Commit Sexual Harassment, TMZ Reports


Did Harvey write the contract?
But after being sacked, not anymore.
it's just so... presidential!
You guys need a law student intern to check your law articles.
Harvey Weinstein didn't commit sexual harassment. Harvey Weinstein committed criminal sexual assaults.
TMZ: "We're told there have been no settlements since the contract was signed"

So that whole part of the story, and contract, are negated. Yes, the contract spelled out penalties for settlements, but there would need to be settlements the company didn't know about (or weren't leaked to TMZ) for this to be considered "fired illegally."

IOW, maybe reblogging TMZ clickbait isn't such a good idea? I'll leave it to the lawyers to take it from here.
They can make a pretty clear case that Weinstein's bad for business, regardless of him fulfilling the provisions of the contract that force him to reimburse the company for any lawsuits on his behalf.

Also, as @6 pointed out - there's no current lawsuit against Weinstein resulting from the Times article.
But if Weinstein wants to lose even more money helming a studio no A-lister wants to work with... well then he has had his own reward.