Rose McGowan Says She Told Amazon Studios That Harvey Weinstein Raped Her


This is categorized under Amazon and celeb, but not under crime like the last Weinstein post was.
Guilt by association? She said she was ignored by Amazon Studios. What were they supposed to do? She told Price, HW raped her, he said no proof, she said "I'm the proof". Ok, but of the many things Amazon does, prosecuting criminals is not one of them. Price is on leave and Amazon is reviewing The Weinstein Company projects. And maybe a lot of innocent artists out of work. Harvey's riches will be bottomed out by divorce and with litigation on at least two continents and he will sell his shares to fund them. It doesn't look like Amazon will be paying for Harvey's lifestyle nor is it responsible for it.
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Gosh, you are 100% correct--prosecuting criminals is one thing that Amazon actually doesn't do. So if they do what McGowan asks, that means there is 0% chance that anyone will go to prison because of their decision.
The contracts between Amazon and TWC for their products have nothing to do with or endorse sweaty hog Harvey's actions.
@2, Under most state sexual harassment laws, if she reported a rape by her superior to her employer (which it sounds like she did), and they did nothing, then yes, they are culpable.

A high level of proof is necessary for a criminal prosecution, but a lower level of proof is sufficient for disciplinary action by an employer. If an employee reports sexual harassment (including rape), an employer is obligated to investigate and take corrective action. It is a company's obligation to provide a work environment free of sexual harassment.

So, no, Amazon does not get a free pass.
@6 McGowan was not employed by Amazon when She was raped. And Amazon didn’t employ Wienstien. In fact Amazon studios did don’t even exist.
Shorter Trolls: "Our company didn't exist when the crime occurred, so we have no obligation to sever our business relationship with the company run by the criminal."
@6 Just because someone gives you money to do something* doesn’t make them your “employer” legally or by any commonsense thought process. (If that were the case, you would be responsible for any sexual harrassment claims reported to you by your dentist, Uber driver, or crack dealer.) Should Roy have done more? I have no idea, maybe! But your understanding of the law is way off.

[*] Was there even a financial relationship between McGowan and Amazon? The summary reads more like there was talk of a deal but nothing ever got signed.
It's not clear if Price's leave is related to McGowan's charges.

Thursday evening, Amazon Studios announced its chief, Roy Price, had been placed on leave after a producer detailed crude remarks she said he made to her after a 2015 Comic-Con event in San Diego. Isa Hackett, the daughter of author Philip K. Dick and a producer on the Amazon series "Man in the High Castle," told The Hollywood Reporter that Price persisted with sexual remarks toward her throughout the evening.

She said she complained to Amazon executives, who launched an investigation but never informed her of the results. She told the Reporter she never saw Price again at an Amazon event promoting the show or another series based on her father's work.…
I don't keep up with this stuff but was someone asking her to work with Weinstein? Because absent any proof, about all a company can or should do is just separate people. Accusations aren't enough and I really have problems with the continued push to get employers to act as extra-judicial means of recourse.

A company has a responsibility to keep you safe, not punishing people. We're so far down this rabbit hole of privatized control over people. Would you feel the same way if some Amazon fulfillment center worker accused another person of harassment and then they fired some single mother just on the uncorroborated word of another person?
Price is as good as gone. Maybe it's time for a woman to run Amazon Studios.
Funny that Twitter suspended her account for publishing a phone number, but they have let PresiNazi Rapist violate every other term of service and threaten tens of millions of people with nuclear annilhilation.

When you're pussygrabbing star, they let you do it.
What's the difference between this story and Michael jacksons? Or Jerry Sandusky's?

The through line is that people are willing to overlook evil if there's money, power, prestige willing to benefit them if they do so.
I don't understand the sequence of events.

Was MacGowan telling Amazon to sever current relations with the Weinstein Co. based on her settlement in '97?
Does Rose McGowan say what she asked Amazon to do about it? Like, McGowan pulled the plug on her own project, over Amazon's failure to _____________?

@13 to date, zero people have been nuclear bombed to death in the twitter. If you are arguing that doxxing should be allowed because other bad things are allowed, go right on ahead.
If Weinstein said to Amazon; McGowen is difficult, McGowen doesn't work.
McGowen to Amazon; Weinstein raped me. "That's not our problem."
Is that how that works?
I hope the stranger donates any ad revenue they have received from any HW production &!amazon biz to a survivors group or cause. Unless they do that, aren’t they huge hypocrites regarding this story? Entertainment and ‘news’ orgs are too incestuous - always have been and perhaps always will be?
@11, 16: This.