Cafe Racer Announces They're Closing for Good


It's too bad - Seattle city government is not very nice to small businesses.
4 people died. 1 survived.
Sad news on a dark day.
For a "Community Hub", the "Community" sure didn't support them. It really sounds like, between the words, that no one is really going there anymore. Business dropped off, etc. They don't have enough business to stay afloat. The "Community" chose not to support them by drinking elsewhere.
Yeah, because the people who kept this place alive (aka "The Community") are all priced out of Seattle and the assholes moving here prefer sterile joints without any character.

Between the words, it sounds like you're one of that latter demo.
They've had construction on that street and around that area for-fucking-ever. It's probably hastened the demise. Sad to see it gors though. Not many places like Cafe Racer left!