Capitol Hill? I predict Lauryn Hill will be the next hot spot.
Capitol Hill? I predict Lauryn Hill will be the next hot spot. - RuPaul Andre Charles Getty Images

RuPaul has more children than an ancient Egyptian king, and last week he asked one of them a funny question: Is it expensive to live in Seattle?

Boomers say the darndest things. (In case it's somehow unclear, the answer is YAS.)

The question was directed at one of her more legendary children, RuPaul's Drag Race season 5 winner and Seattle celebrity, Jinkx Monsoon. Jinkxy, who recently came out as non-gendered/non-binary, was on last week's episode of RuPaul's (and Michelle Visage's) What's the Tee? podcast. Among many things, the charismatic drag star spends an hour chatting about Mama Tits ("she's a huge pillar of our community"), a potential RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars season 4, and gentrification in Seattle. RuPaul makes some particularly batty conclusions regarding the latter point.

RuPaul isn't an urbanist, he's a drag pioneer, so I'll excuse him for some of his more bizarre theories on gentrification and housing. (He has repeatedly claimed—even on this episode—that Greece's recent economic collapse was due to its resistance to change. Apparently, the real European tragedy was that nobody gentrified the Parthenon.) RuPaul, Michelle, and Jinkx's discussion on Seattle begins around 12:15, when they talk about other Seattle queens Ben Delacreme (who—shh—is rumored to be on All Stars season 3, which will be announced this Friday), Robbie Turner('s new face), and Mama Tits. After that bit, they get onto chatting about rent on Capitol Hill.

Ru: "Is it inexpensive to live in Seattle?"
Jinkx: "It is... the prices are... um, hiking now. Gentrification—especially in the area where I live—is a real thing."
Ru: "Is that the funky area where all the artists live?"
Jinkx: "Yeah. Capitol Hill is the queer neighborhood but... the queers are now getting priced out of our neighborhood because the city is catering to the tech industry."

Ru's response? "That happens in all the cities. I don't understand why there isn't a consortium of young people who say, 'You know what! We've decided we're going to make Des Moines the next hot spot.'"

There you have it, queers! When you and your Frenchie get priced out of your Capitol Hill loft, pack your shit up and go gentrify the midwest. I'm sure Des Moines won't mind at all.

RuPaul may be catching on to the problem: Seattle doesn't have enough housing for the roughly 1,000 newbies moving here each week. The answer? Don't move to Des Moines. Vote Moon.