Fish dont get high, they get hungry.
Fish don't get high, they get hungry. DIGIPUB VIA GETTY IMAGES

This week, weed has been fed to fish to try and get them to relax (they didn’t), money was raised (then lost) to help weed farms in California cope with the wildfires, and a couple of high profile musicians get busted for weed at the border. Read on.

Kettle Falls Five Acquitted, in a Surprise to Many

Including Heidi Groover, who reported the story for the Stranger in 2015. The case involves an Eastern Washington family of five that grew marijuana for medical reasons. After the farm was raided, federal agents seized plants and firearms from the property and sought to “make an example” out of the family to test the limits of federal law versus state. But what happened was that two years later, federal prosecutors agreed they didn't have the authority to spend money on the trial or the appeal.

California Fire Crowdfunding Project for Pot Farms Gets Shut Down

At least 300 pot farms were affected by the terrible California wildfires last week. So, in an effort to help these farms get back on their feet (especially since pot farmers can’t really get insurance), the California Growers Association put up a crowdfunding page on YouCaring. After $10,000 had already been collected, the site refunded the donors and shut the whole thing down—due to what they say are issues with the third-party payment processors who can’t process "cannabis transactions." Leafly has the story here.

Durkan On the Defensive Over Weed Busts

A Seattle Times article earlier this week highlighted a few of the decisions that the former U.S. Attorney has come under scrutiny for now that she’s running for mayor, including the time she threatened the state’s legal medical dispensaries in 2011 (right before weed got legalized in Washington). One of the cases involves an owner of a dispensary company who says that he “was bullied, in part because he is African American.”

Feeding Fish Weed Food Gives Them the Munchies, Duh

A group of scientists in Lebanon recently tried to give stressed-out Tilapia fish, who live in overcrowded vats at fish farms and have a crap life, some cannabis oil so they could chill the fuck out. It didn’t really work but apparently it did “give their metabolism a boost.” Of course, it makes no sense for fish farmers to lose a ton of profits every time a stoned fish asks for more Cheetos, so the idea was promptly abandoned.

Weed-Friendly Haunted House May Harsh Your Mellow, Tho

Whoa—the latest in boutique haunted house experiences features a ‘cannabis-haunt’ that promises to be “an extreme horror experience that will challenge you psychologically” based on the experience of sleep paralysis. According to the website, the experience is “cannabis-friendly,” and says that although participants won’t be forced to smoke weed, they will “have the option to intake as they descend deeper in the experience.” The website goes on to say that “guests will be bound and held down, forced in uncomfortable positions, placed in disturbing and surreal scenarios and forced to watch vile content.” Sign me up!

What do Melissa Etheridge and Todd Rundgren Have in Common?

They were both busted, in separate instances, for weed possession on the U.S.-Canadian border. Etheridge, who was caught with a cannabis vape pen that she uses to manage her post-breast cancer pain, says she “feels like a rock star” now that she’s been arrested (wait, what was she before? C’mon Melissa give yourself some credit). According to Variety, the singer/songwriter said she gave a smile for her mugshot because she “wanted to send love with the photo.”