Top contributor and sponsor of the postcard is Burien mayor Lucy Krakowiak.
"Top contributor and sponsor" of the postcard is Burien mayor Lucy Krakowiak.

It appears that Burien conservatives are taking a similar approach to elections as Eastside Republicans: using Seattle to scare voters into voting against liberal candidates.

The postcard above was sent to us by a Burien resident who was disturbed by the fact that it was sponsored primarily by Burien's current mayor, Lucy Krakowiak. According to records filed to the Public Disclosure Commission, Krakowiak spent more than $5,000 of her own money on processing, printing, and mailing these postcards to Burien voters.

The candidates endorsed on the postcard make up the "Burien Proud Burien First"-endorsed wing of candidates who favor banning safe injection sites and oppose Burien's sanctuary city policy. As I reported in a feature about encroaching nativism in the Seattle suburb, Burien's movement against its sanctuary policy was sponsored by a virulently anti-immigrant organization.

The "further annexation" warning on the postcard has to do with resistance to annexing unincorporated North Highline, which includes the ~14,700-person, minority-majority city of White Center. Burien annexed a portion of North Highline in 2009, but voters rejected annexing the rest of North Highline in 2012.