Former Television Guitarist Richard Lloyd on His Combustible Life


That picture does not look like Television. It does look like Lloyd but I do see guitar gods Robert Quine and Cheetah Chrome. Sheesh...I am glad you loved the book but really, get a picture with Verlaine, Ficca and Smith.
Yeah -- what's the story on that? An Ohio connection for some, but I got nothing on all four of those guys playing together.
Marquee Moon. Not Marquis. Not even in France.
Why should the photo have to be of Television - Lloyd's career outside of Television is substantial. That picture probably is from the Blitz benefit show in 78. It's Richard Lloyd, Cheetah Chrome, Quine and probably Jonathan Paley on the drums. Lloyd and Quine later worked with Matthew Sweet, and Lloyd and Chrome were in the reformed Rocket From the Tombs, with Lloyd also producing the Rocket Redux record. It says Godlis took the photo - he is the punk and street photographer who was there documenting the early years of CBGB's.
Love Jamie Neverts!!!
@4: Thanks for the info on the picture. I saw Cheetah and Richard with RFTT, but it was obviously a much older photo and taken at CBGB's no less!
@4, uh it does not have to be Television however before it was changed to say "Lloyd at CBGB" it showed as being Television hence my note.

I saw Lloyd with Television, Matthew Sweet (in Ballard), his solo tour in 1986 as well as the Rocket from the Tombs reunion show as these are all facts that do not matter along with your history outline of Mr. Lloyd.