Ben Carson: Gold Star Widow "Just Looking for Something to Complain About"


"Trump gave me a sweet position at HUD, I'm gonna toe whatever line he says."
What a great place America has become!
Look, I despise Carson but I gotta say, I don’t think he was talking specifically about the widow in that quote. He’s talking about the media storm around Trump’s comments in general.

Of course, Trump’s comments show an utter and complete lack of normal human emotion and should be deeply terrifying to anyone with a soul, so Carson’s defense is still pathetic.
How could this guy possibly have gotten elected?
Compared to what steaming pile of incompetent corrupt shit did he seem like a better choice?
Trump's behavior around this is disgusting, much to the surprise of nobody. But I'm concerned that we liberals are more worried about his social behavior than actual foreign policy.

I like how Cindy Sheehan put it: "Where is the movement to oppose U.S. wars, instead of liberal handwringing over botched messages of condolence?"

Very few have asked why are we in Niger to begin with. People are now praising George W Bush since he says prettier words than Trump, even though Bush led us into an immoral and unnecessary war. Obama sent drones to bomb Muslim countries, resulting in the deaths of many civilians. But if Trump wants to ban them at the airport, *that's* the scandal? This is the liberal position now? Bomb people, send troops to die for dubious reasons, ignore civilian deaths as long as we console widows correctly and say pretty words?
belittle, dismiss, impune motives, but never address the substance of the question. ad hominem works very well. see @4.
@4 - I'm not sure to whom you refer when you say "this guy" (Carson, or Trumpfle), but as to the 'how', well... if you have a media empire behind you, you can do many things. Sinclair was behind Carson, but backed Trumple when B.C. dropped out.

And now, of course, they are going to get their monopoly position when Trumple and "his" FCC (aka Ajit Pai) waive rules so that Sinclair can buy up Tribune media, and pwn the rest of the country's local media stations (72-79%).

As Stalin once said, "If I could control the medium of the American motion picture, I would need nothing else to convert the entire world to communism." -- Well, politically conservative, fear-mongering capitalists control the medium of American local TV stations. And they will turn the country ever more rightward, splitting the population with animosities, conservative "must-runs", and "daily terrorism reports"... profiting from our division the whole time.
Without even commenting on his bland and generally conservative ideology, I can't fathom how Carson is able to rationalize that he's doing more good for society in his current role than he would by practicing freaking pediatric brain surgery.
And yet the fawning support of Hollywood and the media wasn't enough for Hillary.
Doubly amazing.
@9 - Stalin's comment came when "motion pictures" were the only public visual news media around. Radio & newspapers were the other two media, both of which allow more analytical distance. Visual media has vastly fragmented since the 1930s & the film industry doesn't have nearly the same propaganda power it once did.

I think local TV news media has a notable advantage over "movies" in terms of political candidate support these days... especially when the TVnews is giving hella airtime to one candidate, and scant amounts to the other (read the Sinclair article for more on that). Then add in a little voter suppression in key states, a bunch of chopped up viral misinformation/obfuscation, splash of gin up the fear ratio, several dashes of racism to bring out the local flavor, mix it all up in an echo-chamber, and you can engineer a win.

Don't forget, fear makes people more conservative, too. ISIS!!!
@ 9 - You are not entitled to your own facts.

"[A study] from the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy...found that 62% of the coverage of Clinton and 56% of the coverage of Trump was negative in tone. These numbers actually overstate the amount of positive press the candidates received. Most of the “positive” stories here were about new poll numbers. Each one of these horse race stories was “good press” for one candidate and “bad press” for the other.

On top of receiving more positive press than Clinton, Trump received 15% more press coverage overall than Clinton. His policy ideas received more attention than Clinton’s, and Clinton’s scandals received more coverage than Trump’s."…
I, too, am very smart and went to a good "schoo."

That must have been the problem, people just didn't know Hillary well enough.
If only they had known more about her The Left would have turned out in greater numbers to vote.
You should mention that to her, she could have put a chapter in her book.
Despicable men.
This young woman is pregnant and has just lost her husband and these pieces of dog excretment are saying she lied.
Looks like a new troll has landed. Or an old one returning.

How do you define 'troll'?
@11 how does that analysis account for HRCs expansive coverage as First Lady , sec of state and senator? And DJTs years as the Apprentice and the gop primary? It seems all of the ‘liberal’ media was complicit in covering (promoting?) trump in the primary. I’m not a big conspiracy theorist but I always thought the ‘elite media’ overlords LOVED trump for what he’s done for ratings. They’ll make whir money and not have to pay the price
The Liberal Media pushed Trump in the primaries, hoping to screw with the GOP selection process, thinking Trump would have no chance of winning in November if he was the nominee.
Similarly Putin was messing with Hillary, who had meddled in Russian elections as SoS, never dreaming Trump would win.
As it played out, the American Voter screwed the Leftist Media and Putin by actually electing The D.
Lesson: don't fuck with us.
@19 - Who is "us" here? The corporations and elites who are directly benefiting from Trumpypants' corporate takeover of the government & the smokescreen he provides for the Ryan/McConnell's savaging? Surely you realize that little people like you and me will not benefit from this overt corporate success.