Here's Why We Shouldn't Be Cheering the Boy Scouts for Accepting Girls


All true but since 'Feminism' only recognizes and fosters female achievement that apes male behavior lots of folks will fall for it.
It's kind of like Saudia Arabia allowing women to drive. It's still Saudi Arabia.
This is appropriation, no?
False Progressivism is a delightful term for the modern era.

Yes, it describes MOTR conservatives to a tee...
The scouts is not Christian and never has been.
@6 - tell that to the Boy Scout troop leaders I had as a kid

Meh, the leadership is very Christian and conservative. Individual troops can be run quite independently and by decent people with no interaction with the central leadership.
My kiddo does this
It’s co-ed, wilderness and community focused, and no cookie/popcorn sales.
Yeah, well said. I'm down with "try Girl Scouts first, unless your local group is terrible somehow."
So what you're saying is that they're separate but equal.
Follow Dan Savage's lead: The whole point of activism is to create change. Deriding the groups that do change for the better undermines the effectiveness of activism. Best thing to do is say "Now that you're here ..."
@11 - Given the strong gender divide in this and most 'western' countries, having gender-separate education actually has clear benefits. It's known that in co-ed high schools, for example, girls will often fail tests so they don't appear smarter than the boys. Boys tend to get called on more than girls too. These tendencies and hidden-incentives disappear in all-girls school, and women do better academically. On the flip side, boys tend to suffer a bit in social skills at all-boy schools.

So why not all-girl and all-boy scouting? A great way to develop self-confidence outside of the unconscious gender dynamics that pre-teen & teen children inflict on one another.

And if some people want co-ed schooling, or scouting, sure, why not?
@13 I understand this, and it's certainly still a choice for girls to stay in their own isolated bubble. Hell, in most places boys aren't allowed in the girl scouts at all (if you want to learn sewing and cooking you're a boy, well good luck with that).

I just imagine this article (and others) as looking at Little Rock High School in 1957 and telling us all that we shouldn't be happy because there was nothing wrong with black schools.

I'm aware this is not on the same scale as that. But in what strange universe are liberal newspapers not happy at removing barriers to equality?
#6 The boy scout oath requires a pledge to god. It is a christian organization.

"On my honor, I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight."
The BSA believes that atheists and agnostics are not appropriate role models of the Scout Oath and Law for boys, and thus will not accept such persons as members or adult leaders
Yes, the Boy Scouts is officially and explicitly Christian. But the enforcement can vary quite a lot.

I was a Boy Scout in a relatively liberal area in the Pacific NW. Sure, God was mentioned in the oath, but as a kid I would never have known of its Christian underpinnings. I never once heard any scoutmaster or camp leader or anyone pushing any Christian messaging (and I was already pretty firmly atheist by that point). So scout troops in that area paid only the most limited lip service to Christianity. We were all about camping and knot tying and that kind of shit, with nary a mention of god.

Other troops in the bible belt, on the other hand, are neigh Christian cults. I would not want children of mine, of any gender, getting sucked into that mess. And of course the Mormon church is a heavy backer of the Boy Scouts.

So there seems to be a great deal of variability. Your milage may vary. Some troops would be perfectly fine for girls. Others would be a horror.