Washington State Approved Health Care Plans Have Higher Insurance Premiums Thanks to Trump


Fuck trump and those who enabled him directly or indirectly.
Yep fuck Trump. I'm going to have to drop my Silver PPO for a Bronze, and switch to getting PrEP managed through a community clinic. Otherwise the increase in premiums would be more than $1200. That's almost whole month's student loan payments.
So much winning
Yep. 23% increase at Kaiser (and that’s even one of the lowest). Guess I’ll be dropping to a bronze plan, too.
Those rates were going up anyway, buttercup.
@5 -Are you arguing that they would've gone up the same amount or just being disingenuous?
For me this will mean about $250 more per person, per month for equivalent (Silver) plan. I am fortunate that I can take the hit it but this will be a huge burden for a lot of people.
ObamaCare is pushing rates up without any help from Trump.

From the New York Times,
a year ago,
before the election:

OCT. 25, 2016

"The Obama administration released the prices for many Obamacare health plans on Monday, and they showed big increases in many parts of the country. Obamacare customers will begin shopping for new plans next week, just a few days before the presidential election.

The news fanned political interest in the health law — both presidential campaigns were talking about the topic on Tuesday — and whether its structure of private insurance markets is sustainable. The health law will almost certainly stay on the minds of politicians in the next administration: Both Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump have proposed substantial changes to it.

If you’re just catching up now, here’s our quick guide to what’s happening and who will be affected. If you’re in a hurry, you can just read the sentences in bold.

Obamacare rates are going way up. The latest estimate from the federal government is that the average midlevel Obamacare plan, the most popular choice, will cost about 22 percent more in 2017 than it did in 2016."
from the post

"The increase is due to President Trump's order to DEMOLISH federal health-care subsidies";
subsidies the Federal Courts have found are illegal.

Shame on The President for enforcing the law.

Shame Shame Shame.
We knew these rates were going to shoot up back in 2014. If Karl Marx himself was elected a year ago these price hikes would still be coming.

The ACA as written was never going to be financially feasible unless millions of healthy young people decided to financially injure themselves to jump into the insurance pool despite it having little real benefit to them.

We can debate whose fault it is for this, but the facts are what they are.
No difference between 45 and Hillary! Thanks, ideological purists who had nothing to lose in the election.