maybe spacey thought the kid was 15. wait, that's bad, too...
I feel sad for all the great actresses on the series and hope they find great jobs as directors soon
Spacey should have become a Youth Pastor.
@4 Or the Mayor of Seattle
@5 Or the Mayor of Portland
Today we interrupt your reality to bring you things that are stranger than fiction...
1-Get Milo Y's opinion on it, oh wait. We already know how he feels on the subject of older gay men with younger gay men.
2-It's not too much like the Rogan/Franco "The Interview" regarding a well known person coming out, but it's getting there. Now what tabloid TV host can we get to volunteer to go to North Korea? Preferably from a Fox news affiliate.
Anthony Rapp once played a teenager sexually abused by a school professor -- on Law and Order SVU.…
I guess the question is: did Spacey know how old Rapp was at the time?

This scenario is not without precedent. Looking forward to hearing Savage opine on this one.

I'm honestly suprised no one has accused Dan Savage of any of this yet.
One of my favourite actors has made oblique references to being sexually harassed while working with Spacey on a stage production. He's never come out with the name, but it's not difficult to piece the timeline together.
Oblique references? “He’s never come out with his name??” Are you illiterate? Or just a typical Trump troll?

Spacey mentioned Rapp by name in his half-assed apology on Twitter! You can read Spacey’s “tweet” in the story in Deadline. BTW that is NOT harassment that is assault and battery! And attempted rape.…

I was reading Dan Savage’s twitter feed and OMG the trolls!! “Wait until the facts are in!” (They are!)
“Hell I was doing guys when I was 9 and 10--no big deal.” (It was non-consensual, asshole!)

Perhaps that was Milo trolling the feed.

Dan Savage and Billy Eichner are 100% correct. Spacey was absolutely wrong to give a half-assed non-apology to Rapp and THEN four decades too late he says “I CHOOSE TO BE GAY!”

I knew that Spacey was an egotistical jerk (Yeah no one EVER suspected he was gay!) but this is just so terrible for all human beings. The LGBTQ community is my community too. We are all in this together. I guess I’m heterosexual but I wouldn’t kick Charlize Theron or Helen Mirren out of bed!

Just WHO THE HELL does Spacey think he is? He’s a rotten excuse for a human being.

As the orange buffoon says “When you’re a celebrity they let you do anything.”

I am so PISSED! And these jerkoffs like #12 don’t get it!
You broke the pattern, sport.
Go back and re-read the rules and try again.

It's pretty shocking that someone who appears to be as smart as Spacey would do this. That he says he doesn't remember the incident but does remember he was drunk at the time? Geez, think up something better than that.

But then again, we see what people do when backed into a corner. Some snarl - like Murray did against his accusers - and others, like Spacey, just make up shit to minimize their behavior and try to make themselves look vulnerable.

I always have to smile at people who don't care about politicians' personal lives "as long as they do their job." People are themselves no matter what they are doing. You cannot will away or keep down who you truly are - it will express itself, one way or the other.

I will just gently say - with NO judgment to Mr. Rapp - that as a parent I would never have allowed my 14-year old child to go alone to a party at an apartment with a bunch of grown-ups.
This is probably just the one of many dark secrets of Hollywood pedo problem to emerge.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences should cancel next year's Oscars out of shame.
18: I don’t see that happening but I don’t envy Jimmy Kimmel trying to crack jokes about anything (much less anything coming within 1000 miles of Weinstein or Spacey).
Well fuck Spacey for thinking his gayness is relevant to molesting a 14-year-old.

@17 he knows he was drunk, and he knows this is something entirely believable of his drunk self.

@14 what the heck? Read @12 and try that again, put down the dab pen, whatever it takes.
@18 I'm looking forward to next years awards season and Hollywood's Moral Outrage Time on Prime-time TV...they hypocrisy will be delightful
@21: These are people who still forgive Polanski being a rapist because he was a good director. They have no shame or moral standards. These fuckers joke about it in TV shows and award shows, and then pretend to be shocked and saddened when it gets reported in the news.

It is the worst kept secret in the world that Hollywood is a rape and pedophilia factory, and it is so great watching this dam finally start to burst.

But you bet your sweet ass that next year at the Oscars, they will all be lecturing those blue collar rubes in flyover states about how virtuous and special they all are.
@22 and quite a few of the blue collar rubes will be lecturing /scolding POC for being on welfare and lazy as they get get their disability, social security and farm subsidies and wonder why their sons and daughters are messed up on oxy and meth. And the older ones will still be sticking up for catholic church and pedophile priests.

Not sure what you call the phenomenon, but I call it holidays with the family.
@23: Your family is composed of every rural stereotype? That sucks dude.

At least they are just scolding people and not raping children though. Silver linings and all that.
@22 "It is the worst kept secret in the world that the world is a rape and pedophilia factory, and it is so great watching this dam finally start to burst."

Fixed that for you.
@24 it’s not that bad - half pf them live in the city and hold those views. Those ones just don’t get the farm payments. St. Louis - remember, before there was Ferguson, there was Dred Scott
@20 - Thanks... I had a moment of serious wtfuckery there, but then I noticed who it was, so *shrug*.

And yeah, oblique references. As in saying that he had been sexually harassed by someone that he was working with at the time, that he actually turned down the chance to do the show on Broadway because it would mean working with this person again. He never says Spacey's name, but in looking up the production, it's pretty obvious who he means.
Anthony Rapp. What an asshole. 30 years later, what exactly did he hope to accomplish besides ruin Spacey's career? Put himself in the spotlight as he's a complete unknown. Nice job. 30 years have passed and you're still suffering? Pussy.

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