Note the postmark from Olympia.
It looks like such a pleasant letter from the outside. Nice stamp. CF

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We got a letter to the editor yesterday written by hand. It's rare we get a handwritten letter, rare enough that our office manager was walking through the newsroom, reading it aloud (and laughing). It seemed only right to share it with all of you, the people who read our website, in part because the letter-writer trashes people who read things on websites.

The writer of the letter also: (1) Hates our redesigned fortnightly print publication, even though it has been very popular with readers (stacks of papers on the street are going so quickly we had to put this list on Slog of places you can reliably get a copy—places we replenish most often); (2) loves Charles Mudede (a controversial position on Facebook these days); (3) dislikes staples; (4) disdains the Seattle PI and doesn't want us to become like them; and (5) thinks we're "a bunch of headstrong fucks."

The full letter is below. Enjoy!

A transcription of this page is below.
A transcription of the full letter is below.

Second page of the letter.
The spiral-bound notebook paper is a nice touch.

Dear "The Stranger,"

I am writing to point out what you certainly already know. This new, bi-weekly publication format is stupid. I doubt you're going to change it since you all seem like a bunch of headstrong fucks, but I have to imagine that at least some of you know this to be true yet have remained silent or, worse, spoken up but been ignored by whatever asshole(s) in charge made this decision and are standing by it.

Don't mistake this letter for being anti-change. I'm not. Seattle's changing and that's fine. I don't even live there. But I do read "The Stranger" and have been since before I knew what a "Stranger" was.

And media changes too. I get it. It's fine. But not all changes are good. Look at the P.I. if you even know what that is. It used to be a newspaper and now it's not. They still write shit and put it on the internet, where no one reads it. At least I don't. Maybe you lot do, I wouldn't know. Point is, they took a fine thing and made it worse. And so did you.

You had a newspaper that was kind of good or at least okay sometimes. Now you have some weird kind of newsprint magazine thing with shorter, dumber articles. It resembles the things they give out at the airport to tell tourists what kinds of craft beer to spend too much money on.

Thanks for proving there's basically nothing the internet can't make worse. I don't fully understand why adding staples and more ads means it takes you twice as long to put out a print edition.

I'm glad you still have some of the same writers. Charles Mudede is a literary icon. I guess some of your other writers are okay too but I can't think of any of their names. Anyway my point is you should go back to publishing weekly while you still can and while some of us will still read the shit you're printing. I don't care if you keep the staples or not but personally I dislike that change, too.

Fuck. You.

Bullhorn Periwinkle

Thanks for your feedback, B.P.