A Handwritten Letter Mailed to The Stranger Tells Us What Our Problem Is


I too am a curmudgeon that frequently hates everything you do (you've been garbage for a long time). Yet I find Mudede relatable and a quality writer whose points I can understand and accept even when I don't agree.

Fuck you, you've been garbage and getting worse for a long time now.
Fuck. You.


What a class act.
Ten bucks says Charles wrote that letter
Charles IS the best.
But I do read "The Stranger" and have been since before I knew what a "Stranger" was.

I wish Bullhorn Periwinkle would go into more depth about this curious statement. How could you read The Stranger before you knew what 'a "Stranger" was'? Does he mean the newspaper? Contradictory. Just a normal "unknown person"? Unlikely. Or perhaps Camus' famous book? That doesn't sound like 'a "Stranger"'. Or does he mean the reverse: He's been reading Camus long before he read the newspaper?!
I'm baffled. And I don't mean insulated for sound!

I do have to agree that the new bifurcated-weekly 'The Stranger' could use more articles.
Stick your thumb on that stamp for a minute, and the surface of the moon appears. It reverts to eclipse view when it cools off.
What a brilliant way to get an unsolicited article published in the Stranger!!!!!
Now if I could only find my pen...
bp should become a site member, changed my life for that better and i'm ok with big staple now too.

He thinks the P-I became a blog as some kind of edgy design change? And the Stranger is printing fewer papers for the same reason? Or to save trees? Or prevent litter?

Newspapers are dying. The P-I had no choice. Because money. The Stranger? Money.

Am I the only one bracing myself to finally bid goodbye to Seattle’s only newspaper?

The WaPo got a sugar daddy and a new business model but how many papers can fill that space? We’re going to have the NYT, LAT, and maybe the Globe or Trib. Four or five papers for a country of 300 million.
Charles is like the bumbling old man they let sit around the bar after closing while they clean-up.

All the kids are gone. The music is stopped. And there's a lingering smell of puke for those who have nowhere else to go.

The Stranger is down to twice a month, and Slog's biggest advertiser appears to be their own home-brewed porn festival.

It won't be long old man. Stay where you are and enjoy the last tepid beer.
My comment is @1 + @3 + @4. We love you, Charles.
They like to read the print edition of The Stranger, but they're not from Seattle.

Where exactly are print copies of the Stranger distributed outside of the Seattle?
That's not merely a page torn from a spiral-bound notebook, that's from a steno pad. STENO PAD!
@10 - !o_O! ..th-th-thank you.. I th-think...

I'm going to go now, and go sit on both of my hands for 20min until they go numb, then read The Stranger.
There is a system of agencies, typically operated by national governments, and integrated with each other internationally, that physically transport messages written on paper which have been folded, then wrapped in a flat, paper container, and transport objects of many kinds (with certain exclusions such as flammable liquids, live animals, or explosives) placed inside containers of flat or 'corrugated' fiberboard (corrugated meaning thick paper that has been laminated onto a fluted or pleated sheet of other thick paper, giving it greater strength). In exchange for payment, workers carry the written messages and objects in the laminated paper containers to specific destinations that are written on the outside. Land, air, and sea vehicles of several kinds may be used to aid in the transport process. Recipients have permanent containers or large structures with openings to accommodate the expected items that the workers will bring, having prepared the destination by labeling it with permanent markings that correspond to the markings written on the outside of the written message or the container.

At regular intervals spaced out over a year, month or week, some organizations use sheets of paper to print long messages describing related topics or current events, binding the sheets together and then distributing them by several means, including the above system of transporting written messages and/or objects inside the flat-sided containers.

Here's where the forms are for that, if you wish to participate in this process. Sometimes it takes a while if the transport workers are spending too much time sitting on one of their hands to make it numb.
Well, that explains how, but leads to another question.
Who exactly is mailing this person copies of the Stranger?
The Stranger really dropped the ball on this one. His letter is clearly written in all caps.
He really speaks for all of us who's hands have forgotten how to make letters.