If divorce is hell, dating is utopia—the theme of Björks new album.
If divorce is hell, dating is utopia—the theme of Björk's new album. SANTIAGO FELIPE VIA GETTY IMAGES

What great news to wake up to this morning: with a post from Björk, announcing the details of her new album Utopia, set to drop November 24. And everyone’s favorite Icelandic art elf teased us with an amazingly vivid and gorgeously sinister album cover (what else would you expect?), shown after the jump.

If her latest single “The Gate” is any indication, Utopia will be everything you’d expect from a Björk album, and more:

Utopia, produced by Venezualan electronic producer Arca, is Björk’s ninth studio album and her latest since 2015’s highly orchestrated, emotionally naked, and bittersweet Vulnicura, which detailed her messy break-up with the one person on earth who may actually be weirder than her, Cremaster Cycle artist Matthew Barney.

She told Dazed Magazine that Utopia is her “Tinder album”—and is all about dating: “The last album, we sort of call it "hell" – it was like divorce! So, we are doing paradise now. Utopia.” I suppose if anyone could envision the writhing snake pit that is Tinder as a paradise, it’s Björk. Also, if you ever happen to encounter Björk’s profile on Tinder, FOR GOD’S SAKE SWIPE RIGHT YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT.