The company mountain stands ever higher!
The company mountain stands ever higher! RS

As I reported earlier this month, the lumber barons over at Weyerhauser have been preparing to log part of the Lake Serene trail. In order to save the trail from looking like a FernGully massacre, conservationist organization Forterra arranged to buy the parcel of land through which the trail runs. Snohomish County put up half of the $800,000 asking price, and an anonymous couple pledged to match donations up to $75,000, which left about $275,000 to raise as of mid-October.

According to a press release from Forterra, the organization has met their goal today! They can now move towards the purchase of the property. We preserved a little nature forever, everybody!

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Over 600 people ponied up some cash, including some upstanding Slog readers and an anonymous Seattle Foundation donor, who tossed in a hefty sum last-minute. In the release, Forterra called out members of "the Washington Trails Association, The Mountaineers, Washington Alpine Club, Outdoor Research and REI," saying they played "a pivotal role" in fundraising and promotion.

Two weeks ago, Forterra director of forest conservation Charlie Raines told me that the success of this campaign gives them more cred with Weyerhauser, which will in turn help them secure more land from the timber company. Right now they have plans to purchase two more parcels owned by Weyerhauser: a 320-acre patch of land called Maloney Creek and a 648-acre swath of old growth forest called Windy Ridge.