So, the outrage is because Sharon Needles is a non-PC fuck what anyone things drag queen? I'd hate to break it to all of you triggered millennial but THAT'S what drag was all about years ago. Pissing on everyone and being outrageously shocking.

And Sharon was the peak of RPDR...after that it's been shit
"queer has been thoroughly commodified and stricken of meaning"

Okay, I’ll bite... what exactly does queer mean?
Are these people protesting the Queer/Bar because it's new or because of their ignorance of Sharon Needle's art? If it's about Sharon Needles, not only do they seem to misunderstand her, but where were they all when Needles performed at Pride Fest this past June? A far larger event but no protests.
(Aside to Stranger staff: we get it, you liked Purr. That said, your favorite twink cocktail bar simply didn’t grow enough to keep up with rising rents, and now your privileged asses are all acting like you’re victims out of it. Stop treating Queer/Bar like it’s entering the neighborhood with some type moral indebtedness to its local celebrities. If you’re still grouchy in a week, just publish a bad review of the food or show... then make yourselves move on.)
Sorry, "queer" no longer includes gay men? Fuck y'all. That's the dumbest fucking shit I've ever heard. I gay bar is by definition queer. And if it's lost all meaning it's because it was never supposed to have stable meaning the first place. That's what made it queer. To paraphrase Eve Sedgwick, the only thing it takes to make someone queer is the impulse to use it in the first person.
still the best drag name I've ever heard.
@3, it's called outrage for the sake of outrage. But reading through the Facebook posting about this...shit the LGBTQ community is starting to sound like a bunch of fucking assholes. It's like reading the tweet outrage of Trump.
Queer/Bar has everything. This is the event that answers the question, "Whuuut?". Inside, you'll find bears, twinks, sunburned drifters with soap sud beards, a rabbi that looks like Joaquin Phoenix, puppets in disguise, and even a human fire hydrant.

But, Stefan, what's a human fire hydrant?
@9 pee is prolly involved
You might want to look up the definition of words like figure head before you use them.
@8 agreed, YES YES YES YES!
I don't have any previous knowledge of Ms. Needles,
But if you have an opinion on if she should be "allowed" or not to perform at whatever venue, I hope it's the same opinion you have for when various conservative types come to speak.

I mean, as long as your political philosophy is something other than "My way, right or wrong"
OH My GOD, pull over quick, I'm car sick...
"The Outrage, The Outrage" whispered like Brando's Kurtz' "The Horror, The Horror" at the end of Apocalypse Now,,,,
What a grand victory for inclusiveness and diversity. This one will go down in the history books.
lol at all the white dudes commenting. you're going to be the minority soon, enjoy it!
A victory for Social Justice...

Are there any fun bars in Seattle anymore? Someplace where you can go without dealing with a bunch of triggered snowflakes. The gay/lesbian bars used to be those sorts of places but apparently not so much anymore.
@18. Nope. SJW pedos are outraged about everything except child molestation. Lol
Hm, just as I suspected: a buncha white guys whitesplaining to POC the appropriate way to respond to racial micro-aggression...
This is your brain on identity politics.
#21 Uses "whitesplaining" and "microaggression" in one sentence in pukeworthy earnest. Could he be any more of a PC simp? Sounds like he just stepped out of his "Intersectional Tapestry of Oppression" seminar at Evergreen.
The big issue I have with this is the invention of a standard of behavior that boils down to, "If it hurts someone's feelings then it's not cool."

People's feelings get hurt on a daily basis. This is not something that just happens between different races or genders or identities. It happens in relationships. It happens in families. It happens between friends. Constantly. It's part of being human.

Moreover, pretty much everything you say or do has the potential to hurt somebody's feelings. Heck, pointing out that the sky is blue probably hurts the feelings of the Fox News crowd.

Which leads to another reason this is problematic: because we are expected to act as if some people's feelings are fine to hurt, but others are not. Talk about the size of Donald Trump's cock and ass and it's all in good fun. Talk about the size of Enakai Ciseaux's penis and it's a hurtful microaggression.

That's not to say we should let up on Donald Trump! On the contrary. But it does mean that the Ciseauxs out there probably need to understand that (a) they will never live in a perfect world where no-one ever hurts their feelings and (b) no-one ever really has any clue what kind of a life anyone else has gone through; that applies to the Ciseauxs of the world judging Coady and assuming that he hasn't seen the shit they have.

I'm enough of an old-school liberal to believe very deeply in judging and accepting people as individuals. I'm also self-aware enough to know that I have my own deep-seated prejudices that prevent me from doing that; that, too, is part of the human condition. But I keep up with the struggle within myself to be that better version of me as much as I can.

That also means that, being very much aware that we all have our flaws, I try to be strong enough to cut people slack when they say or do things that are hurtful to me. There's a lot to be said for approaching people with the understanding that we all want what's best, even if we do deeply disagree about what that means or how we get there.

That's not to say that we ought to accept racism or sexism or any kind of discrimination. Just that we ought to set the bar in some other way. Feelings are such slippery, mutable, deceitful things. We probably pay way more attention to them than we should. But then that, too, is all part of being human.

TL;DR: We need a better way of policing our conduct than "feelings."
@24: Funny thing about those "old school liberals." They are now right wing fascists, despite their politics not changing in the least.

An odd world, my friend.

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