No, Hillary Didn't "Rig" the Primary Against Bernie By Signing That Fundraising Agreement


I'm sure the Congress is preparing Articles of Impeachment against President Clinton as I type.
DB was sucking up to Clinton when she was the fundraiser. DB was defending her sucking up to Clinton with polls gave her a 97% chance of winning. DB was supposedly as mortified as all of us when an idiotic fluke cost Hillary the election she won by more than 3 million votes. And DB clearly has political ambitions, and thinks she'll do better in a Warren party (I will seriously never vote for Bernie, but maybe that's just because I don't know what it's like to live in rural Vermont) if she slams Hillary now. Fuck DB.
You know, if you actually want the Democrats to win elections and stuff, the state of the DNC matters, even outside of Hillary Clinton.

If anything, you should be concerned that the party that you depend on to beat back those Republicans is essentially so financially broken that they needed this arrangement in the first place.

Perhaps the most damning piece of Brazile's statements is how leaderless and disorganized the whole thing was, and still is.
WHAT A SPICY RADICAL TAKE THE STRANGER you're nearly as leftist as the Seattle Times these days.
You know what goes well with this article? Jonestown flavored Koolaid.

bernie's a LOSER!
He LOST by 4 million votes!
nyc admitted to illegally purging voters. you got to deal people; dems sleeze.
Looks like Will Rogers' comment on his political affiliation is still apt. "I'm not a member of any organized political party... I'm a Democrat."
Are we still arguing about the 2016 primaries? Hell yeah! I love that shit. Brings out the best in people. Just think of all the good times we missed out on back in November 2005 because John Kerry fans didn't go after John Edwards fans,
So before Clinton was the nominee, she had control over DNC positions and how its money was spent. Besides Brazille, Elizabeth Warren, in a CNN interview today, also said the primary was rigged in Clinton's favor.

But rest assured, things are wonderful. Onward to 2018 and 2020! Steady as she goes! (and damn those Ruskies!)

You guys really are Clintonite True Believers. Is Elizabeth Warren also part of some anti-Clinton conspiracy now that she agrees the primaries were rigged?

For some intellectually competent analysis:

I doubt there’s a single Bernie voter who is surprised at Brazile’s “revelations.” But Brazile’s account is revelatory, for two reasons (1) the extent of the collusion goes beyond what we knew before. While I am sure Sanders voters won’t be shocked, I don’t think even they would have thought the situation was so unethical that it shocked the conscience of Donna Brazile, and (2) it provides almost incontrovertible proof. I believe Brazile when she says that she didn’t want to believe that anything indefensible had occurred. She, of all people, needed absolute proof before she was willing to turn on a candidate whom she had so doggedly (and, let’s be honest, unethically) served. Brazile says it was incredibly difficult to call Bernie and tell him what she had discovered. I am sure that there are plenty of people who supported Clinton who still believe Bernie lost in a fair fight, and that all complaints are simply those of sore losers. Hopefully Brazile’s testimony will cause them to reconsider. It is quite obvious that the Clinton campaign used the party apparatus to its own advantage long before getting the nomination. That’s not a fair fight. The nomination is supposed to be decided by the voters, not by who happens to have the most control over party fundraising at the outset. If one side has a giant money laundering operation that helps it skirt campaign finance laws, and the other side does not, the whole nomination process is tainted.
So, when this whole story came to light almost a year ago was it fake news or part of a vast Russian conspiracy? I forget which.
The hardest part about reading this paper is still the pro-Clinton shit. Honestly if they keep it up I'm going to stop bothering visiting; just like I stopped watching TV shows that shame me for not voting for Hillary.

The Election is over for fucks sake. Please move on!
All I see is a bunch of business as usual bullshit. From the released information Clinton didn't do a damned thing unusual or unwarranted. As for Donna releasing a statement designed to sell books at the expense of the entire party... she can now go fuck herself. I see her on any TV the channel gets changed. She is now persona non grata
There are two things to blame for causing the Trump presidency:

1) Hillary Clinton
2) Her grey hair primary supporters
Ah, Donna Brazile, Al Gore's incredibly incompetent campaign manager. The one who gave us George W Bush. They parked her at the DNC so she wouldn't fuck up another election. But she's baaaack! Can't wait to see what she fucks up next.
I'd feel a lot worse for Bernie if he had actually been a Democrat running on the Democrat platform. He was lucky he got to play at all, but allowing him to run as an Independent was a worse choice for the DNC. What bugged me about Clinton and her machine was that the only other established Democrat on stage was Martin O'Malley, WTF. Oh look there's some sausage, I wonder how that got made.
Rich--are you Dan Savage's Pony Boy? I mean.
Donna Brazile can't even keep her JFAs straight:…
No political party holds the copyright on corruption. Good work Donna.
@18 Bernie ran as a Democrat. And if he'd run on the Democrat platform, I wouldn't have voted for him. How is democracy served by stating that a citizen is "lucky to have been allowed to run"?

Oh wait, you're actually Dan Savage.
Did we read the same piece? " exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised." Oh, wait - you quoted that very line. So you're saying Sanders signed an identical agreement, allowing him to also "control the party's finances, strategy, and all the money raised"? Then there's, "Yet the states kept less than half of 1 percent of the $82 million they had amassed from the extravagant fund-raisers Hillary’s campaign was holding." Don't get me wrong - this piece seems incredibly self-serving on Brazile's part. But I'm unclear on how you're painting this as a nothing-burger.
This is truly delusional.
@23 It's a nothing burger because he and a most of the senior writers at the Stranger are stuck in the bubble of establishment news sources. ( If it's not reported on NPR, MSNBC or the New York Times, it doesn't exist)
Tired of Hillary®
Did his agreement also include, as hers did: "right of refusal of who would be the party communications director, and it would make final decisions on all the other staff. The DNC also was required to consult with [HRC's] campaign about all other staffing, budgeting, data, analytics, and mailings"?

And do you have a link to provide evidence as such? Thanks.
Regarding the Donna Brazile/DNC thing. Copied/Pasted from another thread, with Public designation, from Bernadette Zecirka: "Try checking the FACTS in the story you posted separated from the SPIN:

Hillary found a DNC in chaos she paid off their debts, invested her time, energy, and, frankly impressive, Managerial Skills to discern an Efficient Operational Budget, and made sure it was funded every month. She made sure the DNC was staffed with competent people with Integrity. She adhered to her contracted obligations to raise money for the State Parties.

And at no time did Hillary, or any of the staff she took the time to find, vet, and place at the DNC, do anything to show HER one iota of favor.

What, do you think she was supposed to pay off the DNC debts, and leave it in shambles? Or maybe she should've just allowed DWS to continue wasting money while neglecting to manage? Should she have placed people in the DNC who were loyal to her Opponent? or maybe just go ahead and let a bunch of Republican Operatives infiltrate the DNC staff? Oh, and I suppose she should've worked her ass off raising money and just gave it ALL to the State Parties?

Hillary is no fool. She knows all too well how devious and self-serving Politics is, and she obviously saw how ineffective DWS was. She didn't fire her, or bad-mouth her, even after DWS failed so miserably. Hillary just quietly FIXED IT, without bragging, without making a bunch of demands, and without "rigging" ANYTHING to favor herself!

Even when Bernie was demanding the Democratic Party put HIS people in power, and HIS suggestions into the Platform, -->This, after Bernie had, at the LEAST used stolen data to damage the Party and to LIE about Hillary, AND sued the Party, AND conspired to TAKE OVER State Parties, manipulate State Primaries and Caucuses, and STEAL Delegates from Hillary at State Conventions AGAINST the Will of the Voters, AND rallied his followers to bully Hillary's supporters, to Primary other Democratic Candidates for Office, to force out the Party's Leadership, AND NOT honor His contractual promises to raise money for down-ticket Candidates!

Hillary acted with UTMOST INTEGRITY, Professionalism, Managerial Effectiveness, and shrewd Political Savvy, and she did so with 100% Integrit
she's the fixer. she never blames anyone, never for anything ever. she takes responsibility and control. ada is an acronym: Authentic roDham programmA. she, with her own money, from her own savings account, accumulated over decades by her own sweat, got dnc out of debt and established wonk protocols of intellect so sound only literal nuclear catarophe would see it in debt again. the dnc is thriving now, thanks clinton.
I wonder if all the little Sandinistas and the Braziles would be crying "rigged" if Sanders had won the nomination and benefited from the HVF and the bailout? I am thinking no. And I can guarantee they wouldnt be thanking her for saving the DNC either. Sanders chose NOT to work with the DNC. He was told he could have more input etc.. if he worked with DEMOCRATS. But he chose not to. He wanted the party list to build his base. He is no victim. The biggest mistake made wasnt the agreement, but allowing him to run under the Democratic umbrella.
Yes. She did rig it. Bygones

Now let’s replace some GOP
The Clinton apology tour continues. Who can afford tickets at those prices?
Joe Biden should have been the front runner and I would have totally voted for him, but since Clinton clearly stole the campaign, I had to go with Trump. Before making claims on what was rigged and not I would read the book which doesnt come out until tomorrow. You can blame Russia all you want for the leaks but it doesn’t negate the fact that democrats and their emails make republicans look like vestal-back-stabbing-virgins. Clinton, Brazile, Wasserman-Schultz - Pfft, women in power really are “equal” to men especially in the public “screw up” department.