Rep. Jim Jacks didnt resign for personal and family reasons, according to House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan.
House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan didn't tell the whole truth in 2011 because,
he said, he wanted to protect the identity of a female staffer.

It's sexual harassment accountability season, apparently. A statement released Wednesday by Washington House of Representatives majority leader Pat Sullivan revealed that the sudden resignation of a Democratic lawmaker in 2011 was linked with allegations of inappropriate behavior towards a woman staffer.

Sullivan told the Northwest News Network that Representative Jim Jacks of Vancouver resigned for "personal and family" reasons at the time.

Now, the Northwest News Network reports:

“Representative Jim Jacks’ behavior at that gathering prompted patrons at the bar to complain to another member present,” Sullivan wrote in his statement. “A female staffer also alleged that Jacks had acted inappropriately towards her.”


Sullivan said the reason he decided to release more information about Jacks now, more than six years after his resignation, was to send a message to lawmakers, lobbyists and staff that “sexual harassment will not be tolerated.”

Sullivan's disclosure—which Jacks has not commented on—followed a report on sexual harassment at the state capitol, in which nine women told reporters about personal, awful experiences with men in power.