"I WANTED HEALTHCAAAAAARE!" FluxFactory / Getty Images

Sometime last week-ish, people discovered liberals were up to something funny. They were organizing, but this time it wasn't to call their elected officials to plead for basic human rights. This time the liberals were doing something different...

That's right. Cucks being cucks, just planning to scream helplessly at the sky on November 8 to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the day Hillary Clinton learned the consequences of hubris and our fine nation (and friends) made Donald Trump pussy-grabber-in-chief.

Since this discovery, conservative media has had a bonanza.

The Daily Mail warned of "ultra-liberals" planning to scream in despair. Fox News concluded that "the rage is still strong in some Trump opponents," and Newsbusters summarized that "for thousands of Social Justice Warriors who still can't accept the notion of a President Trump the answer [to Trump] seems to be to scream helplessly at the sky."

The commentary keeps on coming. Yesterday from conservative political blogger and Sacramento Bee contributor, Ben Boychuk:

Thousands of people screaming helplessly at the sky encapsulates the basic unseriousness of our gravely serious times. It so typifies the dilemma among what passes for the political left today: Denied power at the ballot box, what other option do they have except to take to the streets?

Nevermind that the President of the United States insists bills be given names like "The Cut Cut Cut Act," the real unseriousness of our gravely serious times is the leftist protestors creating Dadaist-inspired political theatre yelling aimlessly in the streets. Fuck those guys. What do those whiney fuckers have to be angry about?

But wait wait wait—Didn't humor help Donald Trump win the election? Have Boychuk and other conservative thinkers already forgotten the Great Meme War that (with assistance from Russian bots and operatives) helped Don Don make his way to the great White House? Hillary haters had Pepe, the Occupy movement had clowns, Antifa protestors use silly string (far more than their fists). Humor is an effective part of a protest movement's repertoire. It promotes engagement, and, when paired with outrage, is a potent weapon.

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