2017 General Election Ballot Drop Box Polling: Downtown Edition!


The last time you guys did this, you completely missed Durkan's decisive win in the primary (your interviewees showed a solid majority for Oliver).

Have you reconsidered your approach to ballot-drop interviews since then, perhaps with an eye to being a wee bit more inclusive?
Well, the late-arriving ballots reduced Durkan's lead and increased percentages for Moon and Oliver. My guess is that more Durkan voters sent their ballots in earlier. It's not intended to be scientific, it's just an interesting range of opinions that skews toward the more liberal candidates a bit.

I don't think that can account for the discrepancy, though. In the primary, Durkan garnered nearly twice the votes Oliver received, 29%-16%. The Stranger's drop-off interviews were something like 60% Oliver.

I'm not suggesting these interviews should be more scientifically rigorous-- I'm saying they've misrepresented the electorate rather badly, and I'm wondering if the paper has put any thought into how they could try to be more inclusive in their approach.
Great reporting, Stranger. Lakecia was in a Teresa tv ad. Way to pick someone impartial.
#2 chill this is just a puff piece basically, it's not scientific polling. I remember in 2012 when many news agencies were interviewing people and it seemed like 75% were for Romney. He still got killed though.