General Election Night 2017: We're Going to Every Party We Can Get To!


So is this going to be a long-ass post? Can someone set up a jump?
A DSA member, Lee Carter, just beat the incumbent GOP House Whip in Virginia. I guess the "purist" left is sticking around.
The "purist" left? Northam promised to ban sanctuary cities. Perhaps your votes are needed in Burien.
Great victory for moderate democrats!

Ooops! My bad!
Danica Roem kicking homophobe butt woooo
The Westin is the choice for "establishment Democrats" because it is one of the few Union hotels in Seattle. That, and because when Westin was a Seattle-based company, a lot of the executives were Democrats.
Jenny Durkan
Cary Moon

Nikkita clearly would have crushed Durkan!

Hahaha!!! Looks like Carey Loon will just have to go back to get pretend urban planning career!

8:17 PM — okay minute
8:18 PM — okay minute
8:19 PM — great minute
Suck Eggs, Cary Bombed.
Poor, Moon. Guess she can go back to her mommy "job". Wearing black of course.
Cary Moon might as well concede now. She's but overcoming a 20 point deficit.
@13 Why be gracious and logical when you could Nikkita instead?
At what time can we expect Nikkita Oliver demand Durkan make HER mayor?

Just because.
Love the cutesy, smug, chucklehead, me me me, political reportage. Pulitzer prize material.
Congratulations to Dhingra.

Of course, she better stick to her “no income tax" pledge, popular with moderates, or the Republicans will take back the WA senate.
Mmmmm...the bitterness in your coverage of Jenny Durkan's win is delicious.
@18 Enjoy your shitty over-priced internet and reverence for the status-quo. I hope your milquetoast existence and placid content lifestyle never change.
@19 Thank you!!! Placid content is my favorite!
Good, Moon was ridiculously unqualified and had no idea how to run this city. She can go back to running the PTA or whatever it is she did before deciding to try out this politics thingy.
SECB: "From the front row of supporters waiting for Jenny Durkan to speak, the SECB heard someone sneer “defeated urban planner Cary Moon.”"

Good Stuff! Pulitzers all around.
In Burien, we have Tosta leading Green 54 - 46. Green is the nativist one. The other two races are up in the air -- Marx/Janssen separated by four votes.

(How does a person enrich their life through posting multiple nyah-nyah comments per hour about the frickin Seattle mayoral race? Huh.)
Turnout is 23%. Sigh. That's a big opportunity, let's call it.
...the bitterness in your coverage of Jenny Durkan's win is delicious.

Agreed. Here is my vote for the money quote:

From the front row of supporters waiting for Jenny Durkan to speak, the SECB heard someone sneer “defeated urban planner Cary Moon.”

I'm sure folks from the outfit which endorsed both of Durkan's closest opponents were standing close enough to hear that clearly and intelligibly. Of course they were.
From a mayoral standpoint, it always boiled down to Grayscale vs Jewel Tones. I'm glad our city went for the color.
Nikkita would've won!

Ha, funny. No Nikkita would've been crushed. Not 60-40; more like 80-20.

Jessyn Farrell was the only candidate that could have beaten Durkan. She was the only one that was actually more qualified to be mayor, and was willing to differentiate herself from Durkan. But she never got out of the primary, in part because The Stranger ignored her candidacy. Sometimes I think The Stranger editorial staff doesn't want to win anymore -- they just want to complain from the sidelines.
So if Dhingra's lead holds and she's elected, what's going to happen? First, is there another potential traitor in the Senate who might join the Republican side?

Second, are the Democrats going to actually get some shit done, or will they drag their feet even with thelr legislative majorities?

Is the Stranger really that influential?
So basically with the Mayor's race, Seattleites put City Hall up on Ebay tonight and the highest "Independent Expenditure" won the auction. We lost Seattle tonight and we will never be able to afford the bid to win it back. Who is gonna outbid Amazon?
How in the hell does a city that is 6 percent Hispanic have two female Hispanics in our city wide council positions? How is that representative of the city?
#30: No one. Amazon, et al, are playing 3 dimensional chess, the 'DSA' is playing tiddlywinks.
Roem's victory is hands down the best news of a good night.
@31, It's a hell of a lot more representative of the City than all the previous Councils.

The mayor absolutely does not have the power to establish municipal broadband in Seattle-- go read the city charter again.

That's a job for the council, and anyone serious about pushing it through would be running for one of the citywide council seats in this election.


The Stranger, weirdly, is the only news outlet with any appreciable readership in the city that wouldn't just outright endorse Republicans, if there were any available. That leaves "the only paper that matters" with a wildly disproportionate influence; since The Times and the local TV stations seem to have absolutely zero interest in the large majority of Seattle voters who lean left, The Stranger, in all its nepotistic glory, is the only outlet left to turn to come election time for a lot of Seattle's citizens.
@31 - They represent me just fine. Clearly far better than you would.
@27: Thanks for the comment from La-La Land. Farrell never once distanced herself from Durkan, and everybody seems to get that but you. Plus that imbecile McGinn almost certainly took votes from her, and she never distanced herself from him either. Same density, war on cars bullshit.
@36 It isn't about representing me or you. It is about representing and reflecting the city's demographics.
@31 - It's representative of any city that puts ability ahead of identity. Going by your 6% comment, it sounds like you'd be happy with zero Hispanic representation -- your stripes are showing and they aren't too pretty. Viva la raza. I voted for Mosqueda and I didn't vote for Gonzalez but I'm not having a meltdown that they are both on Council. Jeez, what a stupid comment you made.
@38 Whaaaa? Who wants to vote for a person that looks like them if they don't agree on any issues? Why is it important that half the elected officials stand to piss?
Shorter @31:

"Bu - but, white people make up 70% of the population here - WE NEED MORE WHITE PEOPLEZ IN POWER!"
@41 POC say they need representatives to look like them and share their lived experience to be be proper representatives. Why doesn't that apply to everyone?

@40 Who said that? I am just making the point that a representative body should, you know, be representative.
Somebody gotta read his James Baldwin.
@42 Ahh, so your point is that since a few brown people got elected in Seattle democracy needs to be restrained. It appears I have been "owned" by noted political scientist jacksont.

Given the historic make up of the City Council (almost exclusively white males) for the past 150 years, you've had more than your fair share of representation.