2017 General Election Ballot Drop Box Polling: Gentrified Central District Edition!


Back in 2006 Eli Sanders wrote this great article -- not his Pulitzer one but still great -- about hipsters who have given themselves permission to be blatantly anti-Semitic right up in the faces of actual Jews because irony or something? And they're just *that* hip. Spoiler: not cool.

Every time I see you guys blatantly making an issue of the way a woman candidate dresses because you've given yourselves permission due to irony or something? Every time I think about that Eli Sanders article. Not cool.

Also not cool: when you get called on "ironically" being an asshole don't double down on it. Don't. That doesn't fix it. That doesn't make it more ironic. That makes you definitely an asshole. Just stop.

Just. Stop. OK?
"I voted for Jon Grant. Based on his past experience in office."