2017 General Election Ballot Drop Box Polling: Ballard Edition!


"I'm not sure, but I followed the Stranger's endorsements."

That's what I tell visitors from out of town when they ask me why we have such a housing crisis in Seattle.
I used The Stranger's endorsements to vote the opposite, I love screwing with everyone
@1 - seriously, no kidding.

also, i wouldn't touch that ballot box - ballard library probably crawling with hepatitis.
@3 The Ballard Branch of our Seattle Library is one of the best.
These election posts are enormously informative. And distressing, that so many people don’t even know who’s running (um, that one lady and that guy?) and they just check a box without doing any research whatsoever, based on a two-second skim of The Stranger endorsements. All of the SLOG-reading lefties probably think that’s fine, but this type of civic ignorance is exactly how we ended up with Trump.

Yep, contrary to what everyone thinks the next mayor of Seattle will not be a woman, it will be Donald Trump
@6, thems the breaks.
“I think Seattle needs some serious urban planning with the mess the whole city has become”. Spoken like a true thinking liberal voter who votes for the same type of liberal candidates that got the city to the mess its in in the first place. I bet this voter is a UW graduate in sociology. LOL
Why do over half the people you guys talk to at the ballot boxes seem to have no idea who they voted for, or why?