School board victors: Eden Mack, Zachary Pullin DeWolf, and Betty Patu
School board victors: Eden Mack, Zachary Pullin DeWolf, and Betty Patu

What a night. Jenny Durkan secured her place as Seattle's first woman mayor in 90 years and Teresa Mosqueda won a decisive victory for City Council Position 8. Also, Maj. Mitzi Johanknecht is leading incumbent John Urquhart for King County Sheriff by a few points with most ballots counted (story coming soon). Dan Savage covered some of the big national races in The Morning News.

What you might have missed:

King County Votes to Renew and Expand Property Tax For Veterans and Human Services: And they did so overwhelmingly, voting 66 percent in favor to double a tax that was first passed in 2005. The levy is 10 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, which works out to $45 a year for a $450,000 home, and is expected to raise $343 million over six years. The tax supports services for seniors, veterans, unsheltered people, domestic violence victims and other groups under a list of "vulnerable populations." Yesterday's commanding victory for Prop 1 follows a defeat of the August ballot measure to implement a sales tax for arts and sciences programs.

Port Commission Stays White, But One Race Is Still Open: Flip the port? Not this year. Incumbent Stephanie Bowman won her race against labor organizer and refugee Ahmed Abdi, and former city council member Peter Steinbrueck defeated Renton public affairs administrator Preeti Shridhar. Neither race was close. But one seat is still up for grabs. Former importer Ryan Calkins is still within three points of incumbent John Creighton. Late returns favored him in the primary.

DeWolf, Mack and Patu Win School Board Races: Incumbent Betty Patu fended off a challenger to retain her seat on the school board, while Zachary DeWolf and Eden Mack won decisive victories in the two open races this year. Patu, first elected in 2009, defeated former Teach For America math teacher Chelsea Byers by more than 28 points and Mack crushed opponent Harry Camet Jr. with nearly 86 percent of last night's returns. Even the most competitive race, between DeWolf and charter school-proponent Omar Vasquez, ended last night with a 22-point margin.

Trans Candidates Make History: Danica Roem defeated an anti-LGBT incumbent for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates and Andrea Jenkins won her race for Minneapolis City Council, making them the first trans state legislator and council member in a major U.S. city, respectively.

DSA Didn't Win in Seattle, But Picked Up Seats In Other Cities: Democratic Socialists of America-backed Jon Grant got crushed by labor organizer Teresa Mosqueda in his race for City Council Position 8. But DSA, which saw an influx of members after the presidential election, made its first big imprint in local elections elsewhere, with members and endorsed candidates winning seats in Philadelphia (for District Attorney!), Knoxville, Pittsburgh and New Haven.

A previous version of this post misspelled Danica Roem's name.