Cary Moon Concedes


Right...because she was so engaged in these issues before she launched her vanity campaign.

Go away, Cary Moon, Seattle needs civic leaders and activists that work for something other than fancy condos on the waterfront.
So according to the intersectionalist math, doesn't this make Nikkita Oliver mayor?

Correct me if I'm wrong.
Moon is a fine person but was never cut out for a political campaign. The only thing that got her this far was the Stranger endorsement, which was a head scratcher at the time and looks boneheaded now. Oliver probably would have had a better showing and Jessyn Farrell (who was nearly indistinguishable from Moon on the issues but had an actual resume and experience running a campaign) probably would have won. Shame they weren’t chummy with the SECB like Moon.
"Oliver probably would have had a better showing"

Seriously? A more left wing candidate would have done better?

Put down your bong dude. Oliver would have been creamed worse than Moon.
#2: Nikkita thinks so. The "Weakly" just published a little fiction piece by her and one of her minions. She intends to go on yelling. Of Jenny Durkan (and Cary Moon) Nikkita writes that "She, both of them honestly, would be nothing without you. No matter whom you end up with remember: You chose her. She needs you and she knows it." (The you of course is none other than Nikkita Oliver.)

Will someone tell Nikkita her 15 minutes is up?
Classy statement.

I suspect her obsessed critics don't even support Durkan.
@ 6 Wrong, and classy statements don't involve bitching about spending.
This kind of makes Cary Moon's explicit refusal to be a part of Durkin's administration, despite Durkin's savvy invitation during the 2nd to last debate, look a little short sighted now. Oops?
On the bright side, Comcast and Century Link won't have to worry about Community broadband for at least another 4 years.
Good. She should have done it last night.
Cary Moon is influential because she is Cary Moon. That hasn't changed. If anything, her stature has grown.

A lot of you pricks can't take women seriously. Dino Rossi can lose six races at astounding expense, and still be considered a factor. Dudes are allowed to fail. The Russo brothers got handed a Marvel blockbuster after having done a thing called You, Me and Dupree (a bad, bad movie, if you've never heard of it) and some TV. Meanwhile Patty Jenkins had everyone doubting she could handle Wonder Woman after having done nothing except, you know, Monster. Fucking *Monster*, bitches. Do you not see the double standard? This is considered normal.

Nikkita Oliver will go on "yelling". Cary Moon will continue to shape the future of the city. Kshama Sawant will continue to set the agenda for the entire city council. The reason these women have so much influence is because of their personal talent.
Oliver woulda whipped Durkan. Bernie'd have whipped Trump--and the people's interests would've had priority over corporate interests. It's too bad we, again, lacked the courage of our supposedly progressive convictions.
@11 Wow! How's the weather in Fantasy Land?

Cary Moon hasn't influenced anything other than the diminished returns on her future financial investments since she self-financed her campaign.
Where was her Labor Vote? The Union Members chose not vote for her. Lots of groups endorsed her. Where did the votes go? They went to Durban. That’s where they went. I thought that Cary was a shoo in to win when she announced the formation of her Transition Team in September. She she would be in a position to hit the ground running when she got elected. What happened? Oh Yeah, the people said no.
@ 12 Naw c'mon be serious and if Bernie had one the nomination Bloomberg would have run and Trump wins anyways. Plus the whole socialism thing isn't as accepted as some on the left want to believe. Durkan would have CRUSHED Oliver won by 50 points.

Well, I guess you just better hope she doesn't persist.

You sound very excited and concerned for someone who believes Moon doesn't matter. Like you're trying to convince someone. Maybe yourself. Very Trumpian. DOTUS goes on and on talking about people he supposedly thinks don't have any power.

My advice for anyone who really thinks Moon or Oliver or Sawant doesn't matter is to act like it.
Seattle's diverse?
moon got steamrolled by organized democratic politics. BFD. that's what happens to neophytes. everyone is going to be fine.

i'd vote for her for port commissioner, council, whatever. she's smart, her heart's in the right place, and she gives a fuck. that's what i care about.
@18: Only diverse up to a point that diversity experts have yet to conform a consensus on.
We missed our chance to have the hottest mayor in America.
@13 FTW
"Seattle's diverse?"

Well, don't count Asians, especially if they work at Amazon. They screw up the whole "people of color are being oppressed" meme.
"she gives a fuck."

So did Pol Pot.
"she gives a fuck."

Yes, millionaire dilettante "gives a fuck".

Woman who worked her way up to federal prosecutor, one of the highest legal positions in the US?

Just blowing daddy's money.
@17 Yawn...your comments are as tiresome and pedantic as your candidate.
@16 Why would she? She's never done so before. She'll fade away into obscurity while the accomplished, progressive woman will lead this city.
We drove the conversation around housing affordability, real estate speculation, municipal broadband, and wealth inequality.

First Oliver, now Moon: how vain does one have to be to claim ownership of a civic conversation which produced a citywide vote months before you even began your campaign?

The conversation around housing and homelessness, around what economics looks like in our city, the gap between the rich and the poor, ... those conversations have been substantively pushed to a place that they would not have been pushed to if the People’s Party and myself had not joined in the race.


ECB: Did you support the housing levy?

NO: Which levy?

ECB: The one that passed last year, that will bring in $290 million to build affordable housing.

NO: Honestly I don’t remember.

ECB: It was a property tax levy that doubled the amount the city is spending to build affordable housing.

Perhaps we voters preferred a candidate who has actually done something, instead of a candidate who falsely takes credit for what the rest of us have done?
Back when voters created district elections for city council, I remember thinking Cary Moon should run in whatever district she lives in. I wish she had ~ and maybe she will in 2019.

Go read the city charter again-- the mayor has absolutely no power to institute a policy like municipal broadband. That is firmly in the hands of the Council, and anyone serious about the issue would have run for one of the open citywide council seats, not for mayor.

Are you sure? Because Durkan has like 50 things on her agenda that would require the council to pass an ordinance. How come she thinks she can do all these vouchers and things. Free college tuition! Is the mayor in charge of free college tuition? How come she thinks she can do that but broadband is totally not something the Mayor can do?

My charter says the Mayor can veto an ordinance. What does yours say? Like without the Mayor's support it takes 2/3 instead of a simple majority? You know about this? There's a song: I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill... Ring any bells? Great song. I'm sitting here on capitol hill...? Explains everything. Go listen to the I'm Just A Bill song.

And, you know leadership? Like Obmacare is named after the president even though Congress passed it? The executive is what organized all that crazy compromise stuff to get health care, such as it was, passed.

Of course in Seattle the Mayor doesn't have to lead. While the Mayor could, in theory, persuade and push the Council to get itself organized and put together a new program (*cough* broadband), they could just be a weak-ass empty suit.

Then Kshama Sawant is in charge.
@31 I don't understand how you think the mayor doesn't have a say over city policy. None whatsoever. Is basically a figure head. A mouth piece for the city council.

And, @danindowntown You're the epitome of a power tool. Just know, the serving staff of this city talk about your failures with tinder dates behind your back.
@29. That would pit her against Sally Bagshaw, and what an improvement Moon would be.
@33 " You're the epitome of a power tool" THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!

"Said probably no woman - EVER."
@24, 25: you know, she could give a fuck IN ADDITION to Durkan "working her way up". you don't have to hate one to like the other.

an election is a binary choice, yes, but both of them seem like they give a fuck to me. just like Pol Pot, i guess.

or did you pick durkan because she DGAF?
@5: Wow to that.
@31 (@32 summed it up nicely. )

When the topic comes up in the future, we'll hear talking heads and apologists say it's not "politically viable." Translation: Durkan will not go against the money people who helped her gain election (e,g, Comcast & Century link).
@11 and lashing out thereafter: wow aren't you butt-hurt this morning.

@ no one in particular, I'd like to see a demographic breakdown of the mayor's race vote by length residence. I'm surprised the gap was so big, wouldn't be surprised if the difference was the votes of the largely silent but likely-voting recent follow-the-jobs transplants. People who are likely to be "Dem but let's not get crazy here."

If that is the case, then previous speculations that the SECB is no longer relevant are certainly true, and the city is now on autopilot to post-2000 San Francisco, and there is zero anyone can do about it.
@21 Ick.
"...Seattle's prosperity should provide shared opportunity and success for everyone, not just the wealthy few."

Say Wut? You are one of the '...Wealthy Few'.

Running for Mayor of a major metropolitan city with huge corporations based here is not a contest of Popularity, or who has the best ideas. It's one of Politics, pure and simple. And if you're not a skilled politician, A Player, you're not getting into office. Moon just found that out.

Clara, can you point out the last time you posted anything that wasn't pure butthurt? All you do is complain.

Transplants are the best thing that every happened to Seattle. Nativists are the worst. Always have been. It's inexcusably ignorant when Trump and his mouthbreathers assume, in the face of all the evidence, that Mexican immigrants are in any way shape or form a liability rather than an asset. It's inexcusably ignorant when anyone in Seattle assumes just by being from here you're better than those who just got here. Or that the longer you've been here, the better you are. All else being equal, the worst people in Seattle are the ones born and raised her.

At first pass, if a transplant has accomplished nothing else in their entire life, they at the very least managed to move from A to B. Thats one more thing than someone who has always been here. The nativist attitude is that the achievement of merely being born counts for more than that.

Anybody who believes in the 'real' Seattle, the historical Seattle, believes in Greater Seattle. At a crossroads over a century ago, places like Portland made the choice to turn inward. Seattle committed to cosmopolitanism. Motivated primarily by greed, but there it is. A mixed bag of Californians, Asians, refugees from the vast land of backwaters between the Cascades and Chicago, and pretty much people from anywhere but here, IS the real Seattle.

Anyway, the answer to your question is that it doesn't matter how long you've lived here. The richer you are, and the older you are, the Durkaner you are. Wealth and age are the bonds bridge any chasm.
@43… is not "butthurt" as you say, it is funny tho. also, what about the people from outside seattle like, everett, redmond, duvall, burien? what about them? why do european slugs not make it into your analysis?
@43 fuck why is the right so much better at owning language then the left. “Nativists” makes me thinking “native”, not bigoted white supremacist asshole.

Can we stop using terms like “Nativists” and “alt-right” and just call it white supremacy?

Also thank god the election is over. Now Seattle can get back to its favorite pastime - scream at and blaming each other.
Nativist has been in use since 1844. Words are words.
@46 “words are words” really? Thats why we’ve pretty much let the gop/right define the terms we use? Its not the ACA, its obamacare, it’s not the estate tax, it’s the death tax. It’s not white supremacy, it’s the alt-rigt or nativist.

You’re right words are words, and when you use words that suit the rights framing, you’re helping them win.
Thanks 43. Mostly I just smart off and kiss Dan Savage's ass! And attack the right wing nincompoop twots like Muffy. And yeah complain a bit ... but my butt feels fine thanks :)

Also long Welsh-ish sci-fi screen names are both silly and affected. Nah nah nah nah. Hope tomorrow is a little brighter for you - we're all gonna be okay :)
The richer you are, and the older you are, the Durkaner you are.

So, is that how she went from trailing by 10% to a 20-point victory in less than two weeks? Seattle (very!) suddenly got rich and old?

Do tell.