In Burien City Council Race, Latino Candidate Born to Undocumented Farmworkers Overtakes Incumbent


It looks like Burien may be saying "NO" to misdirected anger and hate.
Please NEVER shut up about Burien.
Shedding light on the hate-mongering racists has been essential to the tide turning in Burien so thank you for your good work. As a Latino one tries to ignore the now years of hateful rhetoric from our so called president and those he has emboldened, but these constant insults about us and the people we love start to feel like burrs under our skin. The only salve is knowing we have other good people in this fight with us because we cannot and will not let this go unanswered. Hate is not an American value.
How many votes left to count? Could Pedro Olguin overtake "English only" Manning?
This is awesome. Keep reporting on Burien!
As a Burien resident I appreciate the coverage of this very important issue... This "US Proud/ US First" BS could happen anywhere.
The only way to not let it take hold (and spread) is to shine a light on it.
Darla "Cruella D." is finished, Patty and Debi are in big trouble and Joel "Speak English" is wobbling and could go down as well. The bad guys are getting spanked!
Great story Heidi! Thank you for leading on this issue among all local journalists.

Just a quick proofreading nit: The racist org Jimmy Matta mentioned, hyperlinked to your previous story, shd be Respect (instead of Represent) WA. Feel free to delete this comment!
As someone who protested Darla and company who tried so hard to institute their hate against
the homeless, immigrants etc. This latest victory is a marvelous thing.
The Seattle media attention made the difference in this race. There are no real Burien reporting agencies; just boosterism and cheerleading. Thank goodness for the Stranger. As long-term Burien residents we were sickened by the Respect Washington movement, and the Burien First, etc., crowd.